Bihar Police Fraud SI: Natwar Lal continued to do duty in the police station as an inspector

A person named Vikram Kumar kept doing the job by pretending himself to be a 2019 batch inspector. This whole matter could be revealed after a written complaint made by a social worker to the SP. As soon as the matter is disclosed, the fake inspector is being told absconding.

Khagaria. A unique act of a fake inspector (Bihar Police SI) has come to the fore in Bihar. Describing himself as a police officer, this person kept working in the police station for about a month, not a day or two, but no one was aware of it. Wearing a police uniform, this young man named Vikram Kumar, after describing himself as a 2019 batch officer, went on to work in the police station as well as in police patrol, CCTV checking in banks and research with senior officers, but no one He didn’t know his reality.

The case of fraud by becoming an inspector is related to the Khagaria district of Bihar. In the Mansi police station of the district, Vikram continued to work wearing a police uniform for about a month, but no one was even aware of it. When the whole matter came to light, the officials of the department were also stunned, while the fake inspector is also absconding since the matter came to light.

Open poll by application of human rights activist

The whole matter was revealed after the application given to the SP. Human rights activist Manoj Mishra, a resident of the Gogri subdivision, gave a written complaint to Khagaria SP Amitesh Kumar. In the application, Manoj Mishra has accused Mansi station in-charge Deepak Kumar and said that the station in charge is keeping a young man wearing a police uniform with him and has also done many works of the police station with him. Manoj Mishra also attached the photo of the youth wearing police uniform and going in research with Sadar SDPO of Khagaria, as well as on the register kept in the bank after Vikram Kumar checked various banks in Mansi police station area. A photograph of the signature is also attached.

Told himself to be a Inspector of 2019 batch

Manoj Mishra also made audio of Vikram Kumar viral in which Vikram Kumar is telling that he passed the inspector’s examination but there was no place for training in Rajgir, so he contributed to Munger DIG and then was sent from there to Mansi police station. Vikram Kumar was showing his admit card to the result.

How did the Mansi station in-charge entrust the work to him without any order?

Major Mahendra Kumar of Khagaria Police Line says that if any policeman is transferred or newly appointed, he first contributes to the Major in the police line, after that he is sent to the police station but Vikram Kumar did not come to the police line. When the Mansi station in charge called him and asked him, all the information was given to him, in such a situation, the question is how Vikram Kumar continued to do duty in Mansi police station for many days without any orders.

Sadar DSP is investigating the whole matter

On the instructions of Khagaria SP Amitesh Kumar, Sadar SDPO Sumit Kumar is busy investigating the whole matter. He says that soon the investigation report will be handed over to the SP. The biggest mistake is coming to the fore of Mansi police station in-charge that after all, without the orders of the SP, how that person was contributed to the police station and how he was taken to the police station. Why not, as soon as Vikram Kumar reached the police station, complete information was taken from the Major of Police Lines through phone.

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