Bigg Boss 14 fame Nikki Tamboli's brother dies due to COVID-19, actress pens heartfelt message

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New Delhi: TV histrion and Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli precocious took to Instagram to interruption the tragic quality of her brother's decease owed to COVID-19

The histrion besides penned down a agelong enactment describing her symptom and grief implicit the nonaccomplishment of her beloved member who had been battling COVID-19 successful the infirmary for the past fewer days according to a erstwhile wellness update.

She wrote, " We didn’t cognize that this greeting deity was going to telephone your name.., In beingness we loved you dearly, In decease we bash the same, It broke our hearth to suffer you, You didn’t spell alone, For portion of america we went with you, The time deity called you home, You near america beauteous memories, Your emotion is inactive our guide, And though we cannot spot you, You are ever by our side, Our household concatenation is broken, And thing seems the same, But arsenic deity calls america 1 by one, The concatenation volition nexus again."

"You gave nary 1 a past farewell, Not ever said bully bye, You were gone earlier we knew it, And lone deity knows why, A cardinal times we volition miss you, A cardinal times we volition cry, If emotion unsocial could person saved you, you ne'er would person died, We volition conscionable again someday, I convey God helium made you our member portion you were present connected earth, You are ever loved immensely and ne'er forgotten, May your psyche Rest successful peace!!," she further wrote.

Have a look astatine her affectional post

Earlier, Nikki had taken to her Instagram to inquire fans to commune for her member portion helium dealt with the deadly Coronavirus.

On March 19, Nikki had tested coronavirus affirmative and done her societal media grip announced it. She had besides urged radical who came successful interaction with her to get tested. The histrion is present each good and has recovered from the deadly caller COVID-19 infection.

Nikki Tamboli is known for her roles successful films specified arsenic 'Kanchana 3', 'Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu' and 'Thippara Meesam'.

The 24-year-old is simply a Maharashtrian and reportedly completed her acquisition from Aurangabad earlier making a vocation successful the amusement industry. She has starred successful a fewer commercials too.