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Big accident: Bus filled with kanwadis in Gopalganj collided in truck, 7 condition of 7

Big accident: Bus filled with kanwadis in Gopalganj collided in truck, 7 condition of 7

August 4th 2022, 5:48 am
Amitesh Kumar

Aug 04, 2022 | 11:14 am

big news of this time is coming out from Bihar. In Gopalganj here, a bus filled with kanvadis hit a truck parked on the road. More than 40 kanwadis were injured in this horrific road accident. At the same time, the condition of more than seven kanwadis is said to be critical. Top officials who reached the spot immediately admitted the injured to the hospital. In the pictures of this accident, the front of the bus was completely damaged. It is being told that this bus was going to Deoghar from Nepal with Kavandari.

According to the information, this fierce incident took place on NH-27 near Bhoptapur in Kuchayakot police station area of ​​Gopalganj. It is being said that all the Kanwadia in the bus are residents of Sonauli border of Nepal. All the injured are being treated at Kuchayakot CHC and Sadar Hospital. It is being told that there is illegal parking of trucks on NH 27, due to this a truck stood there and the bus hit it from behind. There were about 56 kanwadis in this bus.

It was also being said that the driver of the bus took a nap and the bus hit the truck directly. All 56 kanwadis on the bus were going from Nepal to Babadham, but the bus fell victim to the accident near Bhoptapur. According to the pictures of the accident, according to them, the front part of the bus flew away. The accident was so severe that its voice was heard very far. Immediately after Haske, the locals arrived and conducted a rescue operation and took out the kanwadis from the bus. Huh. Recently, on the Agra-Aligarh highway in Hathras, UP, a high speed truck hit the Kawandis coming back from the Kavad Yatra. A total of seven Kanwari died after being hit by the truck. At the same time, many were seriously injured.

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