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Bhopal players burnt in Commonwealth: Bronze winner Vijay Yadav has been learning Judo for 12 years, mother's role in Tulika Mann's success

Bhopal players burnt in Commonwealth: Bronze winner Vijay Yadav has been learning Judo for 12 years, mother's role in Tulika Mann's success

August 4th 2022, 4:18 am
Amitesh Kumar

Both judo players who have gone to participate in the Commonwealth Games from Bhopal's Sports Authority of India (SAI) have confirmed medals. In the match held on Wednesday, Judo player Tulika Mann won the final and semi -finals in 78 KG category and made it to the finals. The world's number-1 player lost the match to Sara Eldington in Scotland in the final. Tulika has won the silver medal.

earlier on August 1, Vijay Yadav, who took training at the Sai Center, won a bronze medal in Judo. Tulika Mann and Vijay Yadav have been training judo at the National Center of Excellence of SAI for the last 3 years. Vijay 60kg and Tulika play in 78 kg weight category.

Dainik Bhaskar spoke to Bhopal SAI regional director Satyajit Sankrit and judo coach Yashwant Solanki. Gaya Man

Sai Bhopal Regional Director Satyajit Sankrit said that it is a matter of happiness that both players from the center will return with medals from the Commonwealth Games. It was expected that Tulika would bring gold. He said that 'My mind is being pulsed that we performed 100 percent. A player has received a bronze medal. At the same time, the second player has won the silver medal. 'We give the best coaching of international level to all the players in Bhopal Sai.' Tulika Mann watched the semi -final match with the players taking Judo training. The breath of all the players remained stuck during the match. As soon as the Tulika played the wrong bet, the entire hall would resonate with the voice of Oh. At the same time, as soon as she slammed the front, the hall would be applauded. As soon as Tulika placed the victory. Similarly, all the people watching the match jumped happily and started congratulating each other. Defeated Andrews. She was lagging behind in the game in Shuruat, but later won a strong victory by making a comeback. Tulika has been playing judo for the last 8 years. Coach Yashpal Solanki has trained him for the Commonwealth Games. She has been taking coaching in Bhopal Sai for the last three years.

Tulika's name was not in the Commonwealth Games

Tulika's Arjun Avardi coach Yashpal Solanki told that to play Commonwealth Games Tulika was not named in the list of players. We fought for him. SAI's selection committee sent her name to IOA, then Tulika was able to play the Commonwealth. Our hard work became successful.

Mother played an important role after the father's death

Coach Yashpal said that the 6 feet long paint is originally from Delhi. His mother Amrita Singh is ASI in Delhi Police. Her father died when Tulika was 2 years old. After this, his mother gave the whole life to Tulika. His mother has played an important role in the journey of his game. For this reason, Tulika applies her mother's surname.

Vijay, who has been learning judo for 12 years, Vijay's judo coach Yashpal Solanki in SAI says that Vijay, who won bronze medal, says 12 years Learning Judo from He also learned wrestling with judo as a child. Yashpal has been teaching him judo since 2013. The coaches call him one of the most hardworking and diligent players of the center. They say that Vijay had the highest competition in the weight category. He had to fight four matches to win a bronze medal.

Best Hai Hum: Yashpal

Coach Yashpal said that both Bhopal Center and Bhopal city are the best. There is absolutely no pollution and much peace. The center is beautiful. Is in a good place. As soon as the monsoon arrives, there is greenery everywhere. Facilities in the center are continuously increasing. Work starts on our application. It is believed that they will definitely show some big medals in judo.