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Bhaskar is not like this in Opinion Behar.

Bhaskar is not like this in Opinion Behar.

In politics, anytime possible can be converted into impossible and impossible possible. The weather is of rain and Nitish Kumar of Bihar is considered a successful scientist of political weather. They are also. Whether Uddhav Thackeray had learned from Maharashtra developments or not, but Nitish Kumar doubled twice as conscious, it seems.

Once the opposition was about to vote against Atalji's government. The debate was going on till late night. When it came to Nitish Kumar's speech. Opposition MPs were running- will Bihari become Prime Minister? Nitish ended his speech from the sentence that the Prime Minister will become Bihari. The name will be Atal Bihari.

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This is the same Nitish Kumar. He has been the Chief Minister of Bihar for about 17 years. Whenever an allies starts running their own, Nitish holds the other. Well, politics is this.

The case is that as far as the shadow of the big tree standing on the frog of the field, no crop flourishes in that part, similarly the Bharatiya Janata Party nowadays The same big tree standing on the frog of politics. No small party comes in contact with it or with it. There are many parties including AIADMK, Akali and Shiv Sena which have either shattered, failed or got into BJP.

The mistake is not even by the BJP. When you want to rule all -round, become a Chakravarti, then you have to perform Ashwamedha Yajna. One has to leave the horse of victory. It is necessary to fight against the horse who will hold. When the horse turned around in Maharashtra, Nitish Kumar realized that it is not going to take much time to come to Bihar. Nitish wants to catch the horse, like Ram's Vijay Horse was caught by two young boys Luv and Kush. If one stands to come together on one leg, the mathematics is completely with Nitish. It seems that all mathematics are fit. Nitish's separation from BJP has been decided long ago. There are many reasons for Nitish's displeasure with BJP. The BJP is able to see them clearly and expand it, they are able to see it clearly. They are feeling that they are constantly being obstructed in every work. For this reason, he also started distance from BJP. He did not attend the farewell ceremony of former President Kovind. He did not attend the reception of the new President. He did not attend the tricolor meeting of Home Minister Amit Shah. He did not even go to the meeting of NITI Aayog.

says that former Union Minister of Nitish's party RCP Singh was in the process of making BJP Eknath Shinde of Bihar. Nitish got a clue and cut Singh's Rajya Sabha ticket. Singh had to resign from the post of Union Minister. It was from here that JDU's ears stood up. … And the same Nitish did not believe in the BJP, who left Lalu and sitting with the BJP for a lifetime.

however, the election in Bihar is still three years left. . JDU and RJD fits together in ethnic mathematics. The BJP can contest elections alone, but at least the mathematics of Bihar does not fit the BJP alone. He needs any local power. There is no welfare without local strength.


August 8th 2022, 11:35 pm
Amitesh Kumar
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