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Bhaskar Exclusive Bimar Cow's milk is so safe: threat to all breed except American, 7 days infection is not detected, death in 15 days

Bhaskar Exclusive Bimar Cow's milk is so safe: threat to all breed except American, 7 days infection is not detected, death in 15 days

August 4th 2022, 8:11 am
Amitesh Kumar

Lampi virus has spread in 20 out of 33 districts of Rajasthan, ie 60 percent of cows in Rajasthan are in the grip of disease. Talking about animals, 90 percent of cows and 10 percent of buffalo are being infected from this virus.

Any animal is infected with this virus, then symptoms start appearing in 7 days. After being infected, the animal also stops eating and drinking. First the animal's skin, then blood and later milk are affected. The virus is so dangerous that the cows die by suffering within 15 days of infection.

1. How are the virus so dangerous that the animal dies in 15 days?

2. If a person drinks the milk of a cow infected with Lampi?

Bhaskar spoke to the experts to know the answer to these two questions. Read the full report…

Which breeds of the virus are the biggest impact

The virus was first spreading from the western areas adjacent to Rajasthan. Veterinary doctor Bhinwaram said that in Rajasthan, four breeds of cows Gir, Rathi, Tharparkar and native are having the most impact of the virus. The cows were the most infected. The figure of deaths is also the highest of these breeds.

The special thing is that the American breed HF cross bead is not affected by the virus. Because its native bead makes immunity good. These viruses are also American.

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dangerous… because it is not known for 7 days Even then it is not known for 7 days. By then it is revealed that many animals have been infected due to exposure to the infected animal. Experts say the cause of Lampi is the Capripox virus. If any animal is infected with this virus, then after 7 days, the body gradually starts to weaken. The animal quit drinking food.

virus first affects the skin, then blood and finally milk. Milk decreases and the whole body becomes weak.

Flies and mosquitoes are the major reason for spreading the virus to another due to fly-mosquitoes. Due to these, the disease is spreading from one animal to another. Because when the virus spreads in an animal, first becomes soft on its skin. There are lumps all over the body. These lumps slowly start bursting. The white water starts leaking from them. Then fly and mosquitoes start sitting on these wounds. These fly-mosquitoes also sit on another animal and that too gets infected.

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If you drink milk of sick cow-buffalo? Drinking milk has not led to the matter of effect on humans. This is a big reason that we drink milk only. The bacteria and viruses present in milk are destroyed after heating. Also, there is an acid in the human body that ends such a virus itself. However, the calf can definitely be infected by drinking the milk of the sick animal. At the same time, humans can also be affected by the direct contact of the sick animal. Approval to the medicine