Bhaskar Exclusive Baba was arrested ... First of all in Bhaskar, the victim's tragedy: Bid- Baba gave the medicine to be born, he raped with blessings


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Bhaskar Exclusive Baba was arrested ... First of all in Bhaskar, the victim's tragedy: Bid- Baba gave the medicine to be born, he raped with blessings
8:55 AM August 9, 2022

Vairagyanand Giri alias Mirchi Baba is caught in the rape case. Mirchi Baba was arrested from a hotel in Gwalior. Raisen's 28 -year -old woman has filed a rape case at the Mahila police station in Bhopal. Read the exact copy of FIR ...

43-year-old Woman Gang Raped By Sev...
43-year-old Woman Gang Raped By Seven Men, Four Arrested.

I am a resident of Raisen. I am 28 years old. I have been married for four years, but I have no children. I have also got treatment and chaos. I was of no use. I was getting upset, then a month ago, the women of the locality came to know that Vairagyanand Giri alias Mirchi Baba is very knowledgeable. They give medicine to have a child. Bhagwat does the story. I also felt that I should meet Mirchi Baba to take medicine. Mirchi Baba's mobile number was found from the banner in the village walls.

called this number in July this year. Talked to a person named Gopal. He described himself as Baba's disciple. He told that the second number written in the banner belongs to Baba. On this, I called the second number. Talked to Baba. Told Baba that even after 4 years of marriage, there is no child. Can you do something? Baba said that we treat it. I have to come to my ashram for this. I became happy. I told my husband all the things about Baba. Baba also talked to my husband. Then I felt confident in Baba. After this, Baba talked to me many times. I called Baba and said that I am coming to take medicine. Baba asked me to come to Minal Residency in Bhopal.

I reached the Minal Residency of Baba alone. There Baba's disciple came to get Gopal. Then I went to Baba's bungalow. The bungalow is two storey. Baba met there. Sitted me with great love. There was a bai in the house, who gave me tea and water. Baba asked me the whole thing. I told all my problems. Baba saw the vein of the hand. Said that you will have a child. You come tomorrow at 12 o'clock. Baba gave me some sago -like bullets. Said to keep at home and eat it.

I did according to Baba's saying. Told all the things to her husband. After this, on July 17, at 12:30, I reached Baba's bungalow Minal by auto. There I found all three Gopal, Baba, Bai. Baba made me sit on the couch. After that Baba gave me sago pill and bhut. Said- There is room above, go there and sit comfortably and eat. Then I went up to the room. I ate Bhabhuti and bullets. After a while Baba came into the room. Keep talking to me for a while. So I started feeling dizzy. I got up and started going. Baba grabbed me and sat on the bed. Closed the door of the room. Come to me and filled me in my arms. Started misbehaving. I pushed Baba. But I was getting so dizzy that I could not scream. Mirchi Baba raped me. I fainted.

I was feeling very painful when I regained consciousness. Baba was also sitting nearby. I was in a naked state. Baba was also naked. I told Baba that you have done wrong things with me. I will not leave you Baba said that such children are born. You will be born round. I said to Baba- I do not want such a child. Baba said- Go tell me, whom you have to tell. I have got the status of Naga Baba, you cannot spoil me. If you do something against me, I will get you and your husband killed. After a few days I told my Guru Bhai the whole incident, my husband listened. After this, the husband expelled me from the house. I was living with my Guru Bhai for eight-ten days. Mirchi Baba called me yesterday and said that you have gone to report against me, I have come to know that. If you report somewhere against me, I will kill you. Therefore, I have come to file a report today. Action should be taken. CM is considered special to Digvijay Singh. Baba also had the status of Minister of State in the Kamal Nath government. Mirchi Baba was also active in politics after Computer Baba in support of Congress in the 2018 assembly elections. He is considered close to many senior Congress leaders. During the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, he came into more discussion when he performed five quintals of red chilli for the victory of Congress candidate Digvijay Singh. Mirchi Baba then announced that if Digvijay Singh does not win the election, he would take water samadhi. The Bhopal collector had sought permission to take water samadhi, which was not found.

Mirchi Baba arrested on charges of rape: Raisen's woman filed a case in Bhopal; On the protest, Baba said- the child is like this

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