Bhaskar Analysis: Got benefits of exams twice, 10th result increased by 2 percent


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Bhaskar Analysis: Got benefits of exams twice, 10th result increased by 2 percent
11:11 PM July 22, 2022

CBSE declared the results of 10th-12th on Friday. This year, the students got the benefit of the examination in two terms. Due to this, the result of the city schools increased by 2 percent in the 10th. At the same time, in the result of 12th, the percentage of students topping in different faculty was 97 percent or more. In the 12th, the data of the top 12 schools of the city was noticed, then 1239 students passed 1143 in the examination. The complement came on 12 and 11 failed. In these schools, 196 students were such that scored 90 percent or more. Except two of these schools, the average result in 12th was around 97 percent. Here, 1156 out of 1194 students passed in the data of the top 9 schools in the city. 34 complemented and 4 failed. Thus the average result of 10th in top 9 schools was 96.82 percent, which is 2 percent higher than the previous year. Here, this time the result of Kendriya Vidyalaya was disappointed in 10th. More than 15 students were supplemented. Piyush Singh Chauhan of the school got the best marks in commerce subject. Here, students of Akshat International School achieved success for the third year. The school's Tanishka Srivastava became the city's topper in the Faculty of Arts with 97 percent marks. 9 percent of the students got more than 90 percent marks. 40 out of 44 students passed the 10th of IBS Global Academy. 29 students passed in the first class. Harsh Jat and Aditi Sharma became Harsh Jat and Aditi Sharma became the topper of the city by scoring 98.2 percent marks on the basis of examination results of city Topartop 9 schools. Both got 491 marks out of 500. Harsha, a resident of Mahashakti Nagar, got 100 out of 100 marks in social science, maths and science. His father Rajesh is a businessman and mother Sangeeta Jat is a housewife. Harsh said that now he will select the Faculty of Arts and prepare the civil services further. Here, Aditi, a resident of Rishinagar, got 99 marks in Maths, Science and Social Science. Father Rajesh is a guest teacher and mother Geeta is a homemaker. Aditi said that it achieved this position only with self -study. Aditi now wants to become a doctor. Suhani, Pranshul, Pranavi and Tanishka in Sankay to more marks in 12th standard based on the data of the top 12 schools in the city, Suhani Mandalia (97.6%) in the Science-Territory Faculty, Pranshul Vyas (97.6%) in Biology (97.6%) , Pranavi Chauhan (97.2%) in Commerce Faculty and Tanishka Srivastava (97%) in the Faculty of Arts became City Topper. Expert view Rahul Pandya, academician failure ratio, low, passing percentage also took exams due to extending passing percentage. . Students benefited from this. The first term was completed in November-December itself and the second term examination was held in May-June. This led to the students for practice and revision. The result was prepared on the basis of 30 percent of the first term and 70 percent of the second term. The 10th result rose by more than 2 percent and the 12th decreased by only 1 percent. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of ethics.

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