BC vs AD or BCE vs CE

As you know this year is 2021, this will be called 2021 AD or you can also call it 2021 CE.

In the above paragraph, you may be thinking about why this year is called 2021 AD why AD is included with this year?

Before the answer, let me tell you the full form of all terms:-

Full form of AD, BC, CE, and BCE

  • AD – Anno Domini
  • BC – Before Christ (Before Jesus Christ)
  • CE – Common Era
  • BCE – Before Common Era

Let me show you some more –

  • AD = CE
  • BC = BCE

Explanation: BC vs AD or BCE vs CE

The birth year of Jesus Christ is called 1 AD aka 1 BC aka 1 CE aka 1 BCE. The counting of years is started from the Birth of Jesus Christ and that year is called 1 for everything (for BC, AD, BCE, and CE).

Now as you know in mathematics there are two types of numbers, the first one is negative numbers and the second one is positive numbers.

Same as that the birth year of Jesus Christ is called 1 AD or 1 BC or 1 BCE or 1 CE.

Let me remind you again, we are living in 2021 AD.

Let me show again something before telling anything –

BC vs AD or BCE vs CE

As you can see in the above photo Birth year of Christ is called year 1 and the years before Christ is increasing in past and after the birth of Christ, years are increasing in the future.

This is how years are counted.

Note – There is no “0 Year” in the Anno Domini calendar.

BCE and CE are also going according to Anno Domini Calendar. If we talk about this year, then this year is 2021 CE.

Now I think you may be understood very well, the difference between BC vs AD or BCE vs CE.

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