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Barabanki: BDO Amit Tripathi's resignation in case of ZEE's news, Additional Chief Secretary ordered an inquiry

Barabanki: BDO Amit Tripathi's resignation in case of ZEE's news, Additional Chief Secretary ordered an inquiry

August 4th 2022, 4:08 am
Amitesh Kumar

Barabnki BDO Resignation Case: Additional Chief Secretary has strictly said that Block Development Officer Ramnagar Amit Tripathi in his letter in his letter in his letter Accused of doing and humiliating. Due to which they have resigned and resigned. Therefore, after examining the facts inscribed in the letter, the report should be made available to the government with a clear recommendation. In the resignation case of Tripathi (Block Development Officer Ramnagar Amit Tripathi), the news of Uttar Pradesh-Uttarakhand has had a big impact. Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand showed prominently. Our news has now been taken cognizance by Additional Chief Secretary Manoj Kumar Singh. He has handed over the investigation of the matter to the Rural Development Commissioner.

the officer is not ready to say anything right now In this case, PDS Association has openly supported BDO Amit Tripathi. According to the information, former MLA Ramnagar Sharad Kumar Awasthi had also complained to Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya with the officials of Pradhan Sangh regarding the transfer of Block Development Officer Ramnagar Amit Tripathi. However, the district officials are still not ready to say anything on this issue. There has been a stir in the district administration after the news of BDO Amit Tripathi's resignation was spread. On receiving the information about the resignation, the District Magistrate of Barabanki, Dr. Adarsh ​​Singh talked to BDO for about an hour and tried to convince, but he still did not agree and sent his resignation by BDO, after which a meeting was held in DRDA. , All BDOs of PDS Union participated in it.

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Accused of crossing the culmination of harassment BDO Amit Tripathi has written in his resignation letter to the Chief Development Officer of Barabanki that for the last one month, I am being troubled by you (CDO and DM). I have been extremely upset and forced to exceed the culmination of harassment. Also, my family is also upset and distracted by seeing my condition. According to Amit Tripathi, on July 1, my transfer was done by you in the entire Dali block. On the same day, I also received the charge, but on the demand of other public representatives of Ramnagar block by the MP, the District Magistrate was again talked to the telephone for transfer to Ramnagar. I have no fault in this.

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Accused of mentally torturing me for two-three hours After which on July 8, Dobra Mera transfer was made to Ramnagar and I was called at the District Magistrate Camp Office at around 4:39 pm. The District Magistrate reached the residence at 5:30 pm, after which I (Chief Development Officer) and District Magistrate were scolded and threatened to bear the consequences in future. At that time, I also apologized to both of you. Amit Tripathi wrote in his resignation that after that, you were forced to forcibly inspect the Ramnagar development block by you and despite being unwell. During this time I was mentally tortured for about two-three hours.

Amit Tripathi has resigned Let us tell you that Barabanki District Magistrate Dr. Adarsh ​​Singh, CDO Ekta Singh, DDO Bhushan Kumar, Project Director Manish Kumar, Assistant Engineer TN Singh conducted surprise raids in Block Ramnagar. According to the information, BDO Amit Tripathi was not found in the block in the raid. However, after a while BDO also reached the block. Here the top officials found pending cases in the NREGA cell, as well as the letters were not found right. Apart from this, work was not found in the inspection of two ponds, while muster rolls were found filled. The estimate was also more. On this, DM reprimanded BDO and DC MNREGA. Apart from this, the DM is summoned to all the gram panchayats and conducts an inquiry, on which the BDO alleged that except other blocks, the officials of the district are raiding Ramnagar block only. He has resigned only after being troubled by such oppression. At the same time, there has also been a demand to conduct a high level inquiry into the matter, so that no officer has to be disturbed in this way.

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