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Baldness: Balding tension at an early age, Hair Fall will stop with the help of these 4 oils

Baldness: Balding tension at an early age, Hair Fall will stop with the help of these 4 oils

August 4th 2022, 7:21 am
Amitesh Kumar

Hair Care Tips: We take great care of hair strength and its glow, for this some natural oil can be used, which can give better results.

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How to Prevent Baldness: In olden times baldness was considered a sign of old age, but in the current era, the hair of 25 to 30 years of youth has started falling. The reason for this always starts to fear that they should not become bald before marriage. The problem of baldness can be genetic, but in most cases the deteriorating lifestyle and unhealthy food habits are responsible for this. Remember, if our hair does not get the right nutrition, then they will become weak before time and will start falling. Let us know which oils are there, which will be removed from the root by applying it on the head.

Apply this hair oil for broken hair 1. Badam oil Almond oil oil contains plenty of proteas and vitamin E, with the help of this, the bad effects of sun, dust and soil can be prevented. If you apply it regularly in the hair, then hair growth will also be good.

2. Coconut oil There will hardly be any of us who has not used coconut oil, it is considered very beneficial for our hair, applying it on the head not only stops hair breakage, but the hair thick and strong also They become If you massage with coconut oil about 1 hour before bathing, then you will get the desired result.

3. olive oil Olive oil is often used as a healthy cooking oil, but do you know that if we apply it in the hair, the weak hair will be strengthened again and the fear of hair fall will end slowly Will look With the help of olive oil, the infection and allergy in the scalp start to go away. If you have itching in your head, then olive oil is not less than any medicine.

4. Coconut oil with onion juice Without onion, the taste of our food deteriorates, but with its help, hair health can also be done better. For this, peel the peel of the onion and cut the slices and grind it in the grinder. Now with the help of cotton cloth, take out its juice and store it in a vessel and then apply coconut oil in it. If you want, you can also heat the oil a little. If regular spices, the hair fall will slowly stop.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Take medical advice before adopting it. Does.)

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