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'Baburav's briefs' is being sold online, knowing the price, Jhanna Gaya people's head, users said- what is this?

'Baburav's briefs' is being sold online, knowing the price, Jhanna Gaya people's head, users said- what is this?

August 4th 2022, 4:18 am
Amitesh Kumar

Baburao Ka Kachcha on Sale: Those who like to shop, have nothing to do with splashing branded clothes. Many people think that clothes are a good way to invest money. People never hesitate to pay heavy prices for comfortable comfortable clothes in their skin and body types. While people are willing to pay a lot of price for international brands, the neats were surprised to see the shorts sold for Rs 15,000. This undergarment looks like Paresh Rawal, who plays Baburao in the Bollywood film 'Hera-Pheri'. Shorts are one of the most comfortable clothes in our wardrobe, and there is no problem during work.

Baburao's briefs went viral on social media

We often buy loose undergarments from the local market. When we go to the local market, we are able to buy loose shorts up to 200 rupees, but when we come in the brand, we can pay up to one thousand or more rupees. However, people became sleepy when the briefs like Baburao are being sold online at a price of more than 15 thousand rupees. Whereas any brand like Reebok, Puma or Adidas sells shorts at an initial price of Rs 1,500. Internet users flew consciousness when 'very expensive shorts' were seen on the online shopping website, which looks like the thighs worn by our grandfather.

why is this pattapatti trouser 15k

- Arshad Wahid (@vettichennaiguy) July 30, 2022

On the online shopping website, people gave such reactions

people gave fun reactions to shorts. One user wrote, 'Who are the people from their website who are buying a brief of 15 thousand rupees?' Another user wrote, 'Is this designer shorts? People of the heart do not see the price. A third user wrote, 'Baburao would not have worn such an expensive brief.' A fourth user gave a great reaction, 'I should not buy it even for 200 rupees. I will sleep without clothes, but will never buy it. It was shared on Twitter by an account named @vettichennaiguy, on which hundreds of people reacted.

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