As a Hindu I feel the Kumbh Mela shouldn't have taken place: Sonu Nigam

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Sonu Nigam

Popular vocalist Sonu Nigam expressed his views connected the Kumbh Mela taking spot amid the pandemic successful a caller Instagram video. According to him, it shouldn't person taken place.

Mumbai: Noted vocalist Sonu Nigam connected Sunday reacted to the Kumbh Mela being made symbolic for this twelvemonth owed to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The vocalist feels, the spiritual gathering shouldn't person been permitted to hap amid the pandemic.

With reports of a immense fig of Covid affirmative cases from Kumbh Mela country successful Haridwar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi connected Saturday appealed to observe the lawsuit "symbolic" to fortify combat against the deadly virus. Sonu Nigam posted a video connected Instagram connected Sunday reacting to the same.

In his Instagram video, Sonu Nigam said successful Hindi: "I can't remark astir thing else, I'm calved a Hindu and arsenic a Hindu, I consciousness the Kumbh Mela shouldn't person taken spot successful the archetypal place. Thank God bully consciousness prevailed connected everyone and it has been made symbolic. I recognize it is simply a substance of religion but considering the contiguous concern of the world, thing tin beryllium much important than the lives of people."

The vocalist successful his video besides expressed that unrecorded shows should not beryllium arranged amid the 2nd question of the pandemic which has severely affected India. He said: "As a vocalist I consciousness unrecorded shows should not beryllium conducted close now. Shows tin beryllium done maintaining societal region and taking precautions but not now, astatine a aboriginal time. We person to beryllium precise careful, the concern is precise bad."

Further successful his video, the vocalist informed that helium volition instrumentality to Mumbai from Goa connected Monday and isolate himself arsenic a precautionary measure. He said: "I'll instrumentality to Mumbai from Goa time and isolate successful my country for a mates of days due to the fact that I person to conscionable my father. Once I consciousness it is right, past I'll spell and conscionable my father."