Arjun Rampal, Neil Nitin Mukesh test COVID positive, urge fans to not take coronavirus lightly!

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New Delhi: Actors Arjun Rampal and Neil Nitin Mukesh are the latest Bollywood celebrities to person been diagnosed with deadly COVID-19.

Both of them took to their respective Instagram accounts to stock the news.

Arjun Rampal connected Saturday (April 17) posted a photograph connected Instagram that read, “I person tested affirmative for COVID-19. Even though I americium asymptomatic, I person isolated myself and location quarantined, getting the needed aesculapian care. I americium pursuing each protocols arsenic is required of me. I americium pursuing each the protocols arsenic is required of me."

Asking radical to instrumentality precautions against COVID, Arjun further added, “To each those who person been successful interaction with maine successful the past 10 days, delight instrumentality attraction and instrumentality the indispensable precautions. This is simply a precise scary clip for america but if we are alert and omniscient for a abbreviated span of time, it volition output agelong word benefits. Together, we tin and we volition combat Corona!"

Friends from the manufacture - decorator Rohit Bal, actors Konkona Sensharma and Rahul Dev wished Arjun speedy recovery.

Actor Niel Nitin Mukesh besides connected Saturday shared that helium and his household members are COVID positive. “Inspite of each indispensable precautions, including staying home, unfortunately, members of my household and I person tested affirmative for COVID-19. We are each location quarantined, pursuing the indispensable protocols and taking medicine arsenic prescribed by our doctors. We convey each of you for you emotion and bully wishes. Take attraction and enactment safe!” work Niel’s post.

COVID-19 2nd question has deed India hard. The state has reported the 2nd highest fig of COVID cases, conscionable adjacent to the USA and galore bollywood celebs person tested affirmative for the microorganism successful the 2nd wave.

Sonu Sood, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Aamir Khan, Govinda, Bhumi Pednekar, Ranbir Kapoor and Vicky Kaushal are immoderate of the celebrities who tested affirmative for COVID successful the 2nd wave.

India has recorded 2,61,500 caller COVID-19 cases connected Saturday.