Arhaan Khan ensures boosting immunity during Ramadan

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Arhaan Khan

Arhaan Khan opens up astir the value of Ramadan successful his life.

Mumbai: Bigg Boss 13 housemate and histrion Arhaan Khan is presently fasting for Ramadan. However, the histrion adds that helium is besides making definite to instrumentality attraction of his immune strategy amid the ongoing pandemic.

"I bask fasting each year. However, since past year, I accelerated but besides marque definite to person a precise bully immune system. As COVID-19 is here, we request to beryllium cautious astir our health. I marque definite to devour fruits arsenic these assistance successful strengthening the immune system," helium says.

Arhaan besides opens up astir the value of Ramadan successful his life. "The festival has had a large value successful my beingness since childhood. As it is considered to beryllium 1 of the holiest months. It is believed that the beatified Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad during the period of Ramadan. Fasting is encouraged arsenic it is believed to beforehand self-reflection. During the fast, we bash not devour oregon portion anything," helium says.

The histrion adds that you are besides expected to person a affirmative cognition during these days.

"Emotions similar anger, jealousy, sadness are discouraged during roza. At dusk, erstwhile the evening telephone for supplication is announced, we interruption our accelerated by eating dates and drinking water. This clip is called Iftar. A regular roza time is usually spent praying and speechmaking the Quran, on with doing different activities of day-to-day life," helium says.

Arhaan Khan has featured successful the fabrication play "Badho Bahu" arsenic good arsenic the world amusement Bigg Boss 13.