Apple to allow Parler back on the iPhone App Store after the social network was removed for violent content

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CEO Tim Cook speaks astatine an Apple lawsuit astatine the company's office successful Cupertino, California, September 10, 2019.

Stephen Lam | Reuters

Apple volition let arguable societal media app Parler backmost onto iPhone App Store, according to a missive released by Congressman Ken Buck (R-Colo.)

Apple removed the app successful January aft Parler was utilized to publicize the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot erstwhile the app's contented featured calls for unit and different amerciable activity.

Parler has updated its app and improved its contented moderation, an Apple authoritative wrote successful the letter. As of April 14, Apple's App Review section had approved the changes and that an updated mentation of Parler volition beryllium approved by Apple, the missive said.

"Apple anticipates that the updated Parler app volition go disposable instantly upon Parler releasing it," Timothy Powderly, Apple's elder manager for authorities affairs wrote successful the missive addressed to Buck and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah.)

Buck said successful a tweet that the determination was a "huge triumph for escaped speech." The Parler app was not disposable for download connected an iPhone connected Monday greeting and Parler didn't instantly instrumentality a petition for comment.

Parler is simply a societal web that competes with companies similar Twitter and Facebook. It was initially advertised arsenic a website and app with an accent connected "free speech" and importantly little contented moderation. It was fashionable with radical who supported erstwhile President Donald Trump.

Apple said it removed Parler due to the fact that the app violated Apple's app guidelines astir convulsive contented and that it was not a imperishable ban, lone a suspension, and could beryllium "cured" if Parler added moderation and removed convulsive content. Apple said successful its missive that implicit 30,000 apps had been removed successful 2020 for issues with objectionable user-generated content.

"And so, if they get their moderation together, they would beryllium backmost connected there," Apple CEO Tim Cook said connected Fox News successful January.

Apple's App Store rules person been a absorption of regulators and lawmakers who accidental that they rise contention concerns due to the fact that the app store is the lone mode for astir users to instal bundle connected an iPhone. Last week, Apple agreed to nonstop a apical executive to attest earlier the Senate Judiciary subcommittee connected antitrust aboriginal this week.

Google besides removed Parler from its Google Play store for Android phones, and Amazon pulled its web hosting contract, which has led to a lawsuit. Parler is inactive not disposable connected Google Play.

Apple said that it did not coordinate with the different companies to region Parler.

"Apple made an autarkic determination to region Parler for non-compliance with the guidelines, and it did not coordinate oregon different consult with Google oregon Amazon with respect to that decision," Powderly wrote successful the letter.