Apple hires BMW veteran in latest sign of electric car push

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This photo, taken successful March 2019, shows Apple's office successful Cupertino, California.

felixmizioznikov | iStock Editorial | Getty Images

Apple has hired Ulrich Kranz, a erstwhile elder enforcement astatine BMW who focused connected electrical cars, Apple confirmed to CNBC's Phil LeBeau connected Thursday.

The prosecute is the latest motion that Apple is superior astir gathering an electrical car to vie with automakers specified arsenic Tesla.

Apple has ne'er confirmed it is gathering a car but has hired endowment from the automotive manufacture and tested self-driving bundle successful California. With its expertise successful proviso chains, artillery technology, and idiosyncratic experience, Apple would correspond a large rival to existing automakers if it ever releases a car.

Hyundai said earlier this twelvemonth it was successful talks with Apple to manufacture its car earlier walking its comments backmost and confirming it was no longer successful discussions. Apple's car task has been restructured respective times, most precocious successful aboriginal 2019.

Apple did not accidental whether Kranz volition enactment connected Apple's car project, which is called Special Projects Group oregon SPG. But Kranz has extended acquisition gathering teams focused connected electrical cars.

Before joining Apple, Kranz was a co-founder of Canoo, which is moving connected a self-driving electrical car. At BMW, helium led the company's electrical car improvement program, which resulted successful the electrical i3 conveyance and a hybrid sports car called the i8, according to Bloomberg, which archetypal reported the hire.