Apple could stop making new iPhone Mini models by 2022, top analyst says

3 weeks ago 25

iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Todd Haselton | CNBC

Apple's 2022 iPhones could travel successful 4 antithetic models with importantly improved cameras, TFI expert Ming-Chi Kuo said successful a Wednesday enactment to investors.

The devices could travel successful 2 sizes, a 6.7-inch telephone and a 6.1-inch phone. Both sizes could travel successful high-end and low-end versions, according to the note.

If accurate, Kuo's prediction would suggest that Apple is backing distant from its lowest-cost caller device, the iPhone 12 Mini, which was released successful 2020 aft years of idiosyncratic requests for a smaller iPhone.

However, reports from Apple's Asian proviso chain and analyst estimates suggest that the iPhone 12 Mini is not selling good compared to different iPhones with larger displays and bigger batteries.

Kuo's probe focuses connected companies successful Apple's Asian proviso chain, and he's well-known for making close predictions astir upcoming Apple products.

In the Wednesday note, helium said that the 2022 iPhones volition diagnostic camera upgrades utilizing costly parts to summation solution and representation prime and volition marque video changeable connected iPhones much due for a forthcoming high-resolution augmented world and virtual world headset.

He writes the 2022 iPhones volition see a caller representation sensor supplied by Sony that tin output video astatine 8k solution and instrumentality 48-megapixel photos. They'll besides usage improved camera lenses.

"We judge that the camera prime of the caller 2H22 iPhone volition elevate mobile telephone camera photography to a caller level," Kuo wrote.

Looking beyond 2022, Kuo writes that helium expects Apple to merchandise iPhones successful 2023 with a "periscope" telephoto lens for longer zoom, and to see the FaceID facial designation camera underneath the phone's display, which would suggest that the "notch" successful the surface connected the existent iPhones could shrink oregon beryllium removed.

He besides expects Apple to merchandise a headset machine for augmented world and virtual world applications with 15 cameras, though helium didn't specify a timeframe.