Apple announces April 20 event where new iPads and more are expected

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Apple's Spring Loaded lawsuit invite.


Apple conscionable announced an April 20 merchandise lawsuit wherever it's expected to denote caller versions of the iPad Pro, AirTags tracking devices and more. The lawsuit volition commencement astatine 1 p.m. ET.

Apple could usage the lawsuit to proceed riding the boost iPads person seen during the pandemic. In January, Apple reported $8.44 cardinal successful iPad gross for its fiscal archetypal quarter, up 41% twelvemonth implicit year. The caller iPad Pros are expected to battalion Apple's newest and fastest processor and whitethorn see a new benignant of surface that uses mini LED technology to nutrient amended images for things similar watching movies and viewing photos.

It's a integer event, which means it volition beryllium streamed online alternatively of held successful person, owed to the ongoing Covid pandemic. Last year, Apple refreshed the iPad Pro successful March, erstwhile it besides introduced the Magic Keyboard, which makes it consciousness much similar a laptop. It announced its second-generation AirPods successful March 2019, truthful it's imaginable those get refreshed, too.

Apple has agelong been rumored to motorboat AirTags, a merchandise akin to Tile that you tin connect to items, similar keys, oregon spot successful a bag, and way them utilizing Apple's Find My bundle built into iPads and iPhones. Apple has been investigating a mode to way these devices successful its beta bundle for iPhones.

But Apple could usage the lawsuit to present immoderate fig of caller products. Other devices that whitethorn beryllium refreshed see iMacs, which haven't been updated to its caller M1 processor.

Apple's AirPods are the best-selling headphones successful the world. It makes consciousness to refresh them to support the momentum going arsenic competitors present akin products, often astatine little prices. However, apical Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo said successful March that caller AirPods whitethorn not beryllium released until the 3rd 4th of this year.

And finally, the Apple TV is agelong overdue for an update. The Apple TV 4K, the existent model, came retired successful 2017, but adjacent that was a insignificant update from the mentation that came retired successful 2015. Bloomberg said successful December that Apple is planning an update with a caller remote, an updated processor and a "gaming focus."