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Annu's spear will be seen in the Commonwealth Games: Practice used to practice by throwing sugarcane in Meerut fields, father used to protest

Annu's spear will be seen in the Commonwealth Games: Practice used to practice by throwing sugarcane in Meerut fields, father used to protest

August 4th 2022, 5:38 am
Amitesh Kumar

Gold is expected from the javelin thrower Annu Rani at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games. Neeraj Chopra is not participating in the Commonwealth. In such a situation, the entire country has a hope from Annu, the daughter of Meerut. Annu is a match on 5 August. It has not been easy to play Annu to play Jewelin. In the early days, he used to practice by throwing sugarcane in the fields.

Sometimes tried to enhance the game with borrowed spears and sometimes bamboo. The girl will play with the boys as a girl .. continued to face such taunts. However, in front of Annu's strong intentions, the iron of miscreants melted. Today, preparations are being made to watch his matches in the village Bahadurpur village of Annu in Meerut. Everyone at home hopes that Annu will return to the country by getting a medal. She was born in In 2009-10, Annu started training from Gurukul Prabhat Ashram Tikri in Meerut. Swami Vivekananda Saraswati of the ashram is the first guru of Annu to give the country a great spear. Annu is the youngest of three sisters and two brothers.

elder brother Upendra is also a 5,000 meter runner and has played at the university level. Upendra recognized Annu's sports potential and took him to Gurukul Prabhat Ashram. Annu used to practice Annu by going to the ashram by 20 km daily. After studying from Shri Gandhi Memorial Inter College Dabthua from 6 to 12th, he graduated from the village degree college.

When the father said the atmosphere is bad, live in the house like every girl in the life of Annu Came, when seeing the insecurity of daughters in the society, father Amarpal Singh refused to play them. The father said, "The era is bad, do they throw a spear with the boys. You go here and there." In that difficult time, Annu started playing with the support of brother. Wherever Annu goes to play, brother Amarpal would go along. First checking in the women's hostel, then allowing Annu to stay, Annu's father used to guard himself outside the hostel.

9 times broke his national record Annu, who grew up in a normal farmer family, has set 9 national records in 9 years. Every time Annu breaks her highest record. Since 2014, Annu has been breaking her own records in throwing spears till 2022 continuously. The spear throw competition is the first Indian woman athlete to go to the Olympics. Annu, who had broken her own national record 9 times, achieved the Tokyo Olympic quota on the basis of world ranking. Annu is the first Indian woman known as the Indian Queen of Javellin to threw a spear away from 60 meters. Record