Angad Bedi on why he avoids showing daughter's face on social media

1 month ago 12

New Delhi: Bollywood mates Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia often station pictures of household outings connected societal media, but truthful acold they person ensured that their two-year-old girl Mehr's look has ne'er been exposed for the camera. Angad says this is their efforts arsenic parents to support the kid from media scrutiny. However, erstwhile she grows up, she is escaped to beryllium successful the limelight if she wants to.

"I get galore requests from fans to spot her representation and I consciousness that everyone wants to spot her. She is her ain person. She is 2 close present and whitethorn beryllium erstwhile she is 5 oregon six years old, she volition inquire america wherefore we are not putting her representation out. That tin beryllium asked to us. We conscionable privation to unafraid her and if successful aboriginal she is comfy with having her imagery out, we are nary 1 to question that. Till the clip she is good with it, we would similar to support her," Angad tells IANS.

He continues: "There is simply a concern wherever pictures get tracked excessively overmuch and get impressionable. There is excessively overmuch unit and we privation to support her distant from that but successful the coming years she is good with that pressure, we are not going to situation that too."

The actor, who has been portion of films specified arsenic "Pink", "Soorma" and "The Zoya Factor", adds: "I deliberation you person to support your family, which I effort and bash to the champion of my quality but we person to besides recognize that we are portion of a celebrated profession, which is going to beryllium bound by media scrutiny. I consciousness if we are good with positivity, we should besides beryllium good with this facet too, which astatine a batch of level Neha and I are. We are conscionable trying to support her till the clip she builds her ain understanding. The time she starts understanding, we volition not person a problem."

With the advent of smartphones, galore fans travel their idols for selfies. Actors happily oblige astatine times, but they besides permission without entertaining fans astatine times. Angad doesn't enactment this behaviour.

"Our assemblage is to beryllium seen. We enactment hard to beryllium seen and erstwhile radical (other actors) commencement getting noticed, they deterioration their shades and fell their faces. You should beryllium gladsome that radical privation to instrumentality your representation and you are a idiosyncratic radical privation to see. You are successful a assemblage wherever you person to beryllium seen," helium says.

"My constituent is erstwhile you enactment truthful hard to get recognised done your work. Lot of radical don't get pictures oregon motion autographs and kick that it's excessively crowded. You person worked excessively hard each the years to stitchery this assemblage and erstwhile it is yet happening , past you are complaining. If radical are investing their clip to spot you, past you should beryllium blessed investing successful them due to the fact that you person worked each your beingness to get invested in," the histrion shares.