Android and Windows users will be allowed to join Apple FaceTime calls this fall

1 week ago 14

During its developer event connected Monday, Apple announced that anyone — including Android and Windows users — volition soon beryllium capable to articulation FaceTime calls.

The feature, which volition rotation retired this fall, could assistance Apple support customers from defecting to competing video chat apps similar Zoom oregon Microsoft Teams erstwhile they request to video chat with friends and colleagues who aren't connected an Apple device.

Apple isn't launching an Android FaceTime app, though. Instead, it volition fto you docket and stock FaceTime calls utilizing a unsocial web link. Once idiosyncratic receives that link, whether connected Windows oregon Android, they'll beryllium capable to leap successful and enactment successful the call. Apple said it's inactive end-to-end encrypted truthful it's inactive private.

People who privation to articulation a FaceTime telephone conscionable request to beryllium moving the latest mentation of Google's Chrome oregon Microsoft's Edge web browser, according to Apple's website.

People volition inactive request an Apple instrumentality to commencement the call, oregon to partake successful immoderate of the caller features Apple announced for FaceTime connected Monday, similar watching a movie unneurotic oregon listening to music, which whitethorn necessitate circumstantial Apple apps depending connected what you're trying to do.