Ancient Shivamandir of Khujraho: Every year in Sharad Purnima, one inch of Shivaling


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Ancient Shivamandir of Khujraho: Every year in Sharad Purnima, one inch of Shivaling
7:11 AM July 23, 2022

Devotees in Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh believe that the Shivling present here grows every year and it has become about 19 feet. Devotees believe that when the Shivling comes in its entire form, the Kali Yuga will end. It is believed that Lord Shiva himself gave the markat gem under the Shivling to Yudhishthira. Yudhishthira gave Matang to the sage, after which this Mani was handed over to the king. This gem is still known for fulfillment of desire. There is a temple of ancient Lord Shiva in Khajuraho city of Madhya Pradesh. It is famous as Matangeshwar. This temple has a unique Shivling of Devadhidev Mahadev. Khajuraho is known as the world famous World Heritage UNESCO site due to hundreds of years old Chandel period. There is evidence of the presence of 85 temples in history, out of which only 22 to 25 temples are seen today. In the Matangeshwar temple, Shiva ji is seated with all the family. After passing through the stairs, you first belong to Ganesha, son of Mahadev. After that you have to climb some stairs and climb, after which you have a vision with a huge Shivling and all the families. Many types of stories are heard here about the prevailing Kathais Shivling about Shivling. The priest present here claims that the Shivling in the temple is 9 feet outside the ground and as much as the ground. Not only this, this Shivling present in the temple increases an inch length every year on the day of Sharad Purnima. To measure the length of the Shivling, the employees of the tourism department measures with inch tape. Where Shivalinga is longer than before, people flourish in the temple to see the amazing miracle of Shivling. This temple is full of devotees throughout the year, but in the month of Sawan, there is a flow of devotees here. People are engaged in long lines to see. It is also said that King Chandra Dev got a 'Markat Mani' for the protection of his kingdom, which is buried under this Shivling. It is believed that Lord Shiva fulfills the wish made with a true heart by touching this Shivling. This temple is the largest of the three temple groups of Khajuraho near the gate of the western temple group, in front of which there is also an ancient pond of Khajuraho. The temple is related to the sage, this temple was named after the Mahan Matang Rishi, the temple. Is. This place is said to be very ancient. In Adikal, Shiva Parvati was acquired here, but the construction of this temple complex is considered to be of Mahabharata period. The present form was done under the renovation in the 9th century, since then this temple is in this form. Due to the miraculous of the temple, this temple has been constructed on a special gem gem, which is the reason for its miraculous. This gem was provided by Lord Shiva himself to Emperor Yudhishthira, who fulfilled every wish. Later, while wearing retirement, Yudhishthira donated it to Matang Rishi. This gem came to King Harshavarman from the sage Matang. For public welfare, he pressed Mani under the earth and built the temple over it. Due to this gem that fulfills everyone's wishes, every person's desire is fulfilled. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the dnpa code of ethics.

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