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Anand Mahindra said that the work of shocking the road filled with pits, the work was done in 60 seconds

Anand Mahindra said that the work of shocking the road filled with pits, the work was done in 60 seconds

August 4th 2022, 6:21 am
Amitesh Kumar

Anand Mahindra Tweet: The video is going viral on the road patch on social media. This is the new technique of filling the pits, the road patches cover the pits. Due to this, there is no fear of getting water in the hole in the road and the car can run on the road without hindrance. This video has been shared by businessman Anand Mahindra. He praised this new technology used on the road. It goes on to say that Anand Mahindra often shares such videos which are inspiring for the people. He is absolutely expert in giving new updates to his followers.

A unique way to fill the pits on the road immediately

Anand Mahindra shares this video and writes, 'I would say that this is an innovation which is necessary for India. Some building/construction materials company need to either simulate it or collaborate with this firm, which can be brought here! ' This is a full 2 ​​-minute video, showing how some workers together can be instant to the pits on the road in a few minutes. This video shared by Anand Mahindra has been seen about six and a half lakhs.

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i'd say this is an innovation that's essential for India. Some Building/Construction Material Company Needs to either emulate this or collaborate with this firm and get it out here Pronto!

- Anand Mahindra (@anandmahindra) August 3, 2022

Anand Mahindra shared the video on Twitter Can prove to be helpful. During the rainy season, the pits on the road are filled with water and people do not know where there is a pit. In such a situation, people become a disaster. This is not the first time that Anand Mahindra has shared such videos for the benefit of the people, even before that he keeps sharing innovative videos. After watching this video, users also gave their reactions. Some people told that our roads are worse than this. Some people also gave the example by posting videos.

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