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Amleshwar police beat up the brother of Additional Collector: On half, the police officer reached the police station, TI got Alcohol Test

Amleshwar police beat up the brother of Additional Collector: On half, the police officer reached the police station, TI got Alcohol Test

August 4th 2022, 7:31 am
Amitesh Kumar

Amleshwar police station in -charge of Durg has been accused of assaulting the brother of the Additional Collector during checking during checking. As soon as the matter reached the big officials, there was a stir. All the officers reached the Amleshwar police station at midnight. After this, TI Rajendra Yadav's Alcohol test was done while pacifying the case. During the checking, the Durg police, who conducted alcohol test of drunk drivers, had to conduct their alcohol test. Amleshwar police station in -charge Rajendra Yadav has been accused by Additional Collector of Surguja, Tanuja Salam, that he beat up his brother and beat up caste abuses. Tanuja Salaam alleged in the complaint to the police that on the night of August 3, his brother Pranay Salaam had gone to take medicines with his car. Meanwhile, he passed in front of the Amleshwar police station. During this, police station in -charge Rajendra Yadav and Sub Inspector Vijay Mishra were on checking with their staff. He stopped the train written by Additional Collector. After this, drunk Rajendra Yadav abused Prannoy while abusing him. Additional Collector will also complain about this matter to Durg IG BN Meena and SP Dr. Abhishek Pallav. Durg police have kept the side. He told that the Amaleshwar police had put a point on Wednesday night to check the vehicles coming from Raipur. During this, Inspector Rajendra Yadav of Amleshwar police station, Sub Inspector Vijay Mishra, Sub Inspector Seedar and other two staff were on duty. Meanwhile, a white colored car came towards Mahadev Ghat. They were stopped by them. On asking, the car rider first asked to go to the cake to go to the cake. The upper collector was written in front in the car. Inspector Rajendra Yadav told Pranay Salaam that when the officers do not remain, then cover the board of designation with a red bandage. Do not misuse the car in this way and do not roam at night. After this, he got the car returned from there. After a while, Additional Collector Ambikapur Tanuja Salam and his brother nephew reached Amleshwar police station. He alleged there that the police staff was intoxicated by alcohol. He has abused him by talking to abusive life. After this, MLC was made by Tanuja Salaam Madam himself in the presence of Naib Tehsildar Patan Dakeshwar Sahu, Naib Tehsildar Alok Verma. In this, alcohol of all was found to be negative.

The Durg police is accusing Tanuja Salaam to misuse his post and power after this incident. Police say that his brother was showing his designation, the vehicle was showing the bullying of his power to the policemen. When the Durg police gave him the right advice and asked him to go back home, instead of thanking the police, the Additional Collector is making wrong and baseless allegations.