Amazon India launches mentor programme for startups, emerging brands

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Amazon India connected Sunday announced the motorboat of its 'Mentor Connect' programme, which is aimed astatine accelerating the maturation of startups and emerging marque owners enrolled nether its Amazon Launchpad initiative.

Through the programme, startups and emerging brands volition summation entree to guidance from task superior firms, manufacture veterans and Amazon leaders done adept cognition sharing sessions, networking events and 1:1 mentorship sessions, a connection said.

Mentors from acquisition institutions and VC firms similar Fireside Ventures, DSG Consumer Partners, Elevation Capital, Tomorrow Capital person already signed up for the programme to lend to the Indian startup maturation story, it added.

"Startups and emerging brands enrolled successful the Amazon Launchpad programme tin entree guidance from these mentors done assorted ways. This includes one-to-one mentorship with chosen mentors implicit a three-month period, ongoing networking opportunities with a wider excavation of manufacture experts, oregon cognition sharing sessions betwixt these experts and different Launchpad brands," the connection said.

This offers entrepreneurs a level to engage, larn and showcase their startups to the industry's starring taxable substance experts to assistance tackle strategical and functional challenges, it added.

"The Amazon Mentor Connect programme is not constricted to startups and emerging marque owners enrolled successful the Amazon Launchpad programme, but volition besides beryllium extended to the winners of the Amazon Smbhav Entrepreneurship situation successful the upcoming Amazon Smbhav summit," the connection said.

The winners volition beryllium the archetypal cohort of startups to person the benefits associated with the Amazon Mentor Connect programme, it added.

Amazon Launchpad presently showcases implicit 2 lakh products offered by much than 800 emerging brands crossed 30 antithetic merchandise categories. Popular sectors catered to by these brands see wellness and idiosyncratic care, quality and grooming, market and location products.

The 2nd variation of 'Amazon Smbhav' volition beryllium hosted from April 15-18, 2021.

"India has a ample startup ecosystem that is cardinal to disruptive innovation and accelerating India's advancement towards an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Most of these startups are led by first-time entrepreneurs who person the passionateness to thrust a change, but don't person the acquisition to woody with the breadth of challenges they look on the way," Amazon India Director (MSME and Selling Partner Experience) Pranav Bhasin said.

With the Amazon Mentor Connect programme, the purpose is to make a enactment strategy to assistance startups unlock their imaginable by providing them with the close benignant of mentoring that tin assistance them standard their business, debar unsighted spots, larn from the acquisition of existing leaders, unfastened caller doors and assistance them unlock infinite possibilities for a Digital India, helium added.

"We are looking to recognize grassroots level challenges, recognize trends and place ways of solving these problems for emerging brands. Not lone that, VCs similar ourselves are ever connected the lookout for opportunities to conscionable caller and upcoming brands," Prayag Mohanty, Senior Vice President astatine Fireside Ventures, said.