Amazon has signed up multiple companies to its telehealth service

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Amazon employees are told they tin get wellness attraction connected call

Amazon has attracted aggregate companies who are funny successful utilizing its telehealth service, known arsenic Amazon Care, institution enforcement Babak Parviz said Wednesday.

"We've had rather a spot of involvement from different companies successful utilizing this service," Parviz, a vice president moving connected Amazon Care, said astatine the Wall Street Journal's Tech Health event, which was held virtually. Parviz added that Amazon plans to denote which companies person signed connected to usage the work aboriginal this summer.

Amazon Care launched successful 2019 arsenic a aviator program for employees successful and astir the company's Seattle headquarters. The work provides virtual urgent attraction visits, arsenic good arsenic escaped telehealth consults and in-home visits for a interest from nurses for investigating and vaccinations.

Amazon announced successful March that it would grow the virtual attraction portion of the programme nationally for its employees and different companies starting this summer. To start, the added in-person services volition lone beryllium offered successful Washington authorities and metro areas including Baltimore and the Washington, D.C.

The institution is moving to marque the afloat Amazon Care work disposable to different geographies, "as accelerated arsenic we can," Parviz said. Amazon is eyeing bringing the work to agrarian areas successful the future, helium added.

To scope that scale, Amazon volition person to prosecute thousands of employees, Parviz said.

Amazon has agelong acceptable its sights connected disrupting the wellness attraction industry. In summation to Amazon Care, the institution past autumn launched Amazon Pharmacy, an online medicine fulfillment service, which built connected its acquisition of PillPack successful 2018. Last year, Amazon partnered with worker wellness supplier Crossover Health to motorboat vicinity wellness clinics for warehouse workers and their families successful a fistful of cities.

Amazon besides helped motorboat a associated task with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan that was designed to amended leader wellness programs. Called Haven, the task disbanded successful aboriginal 2021, successful a motion of however hard it whitethorn beryllium to tackle challenges successful American wellness care.

— CNBC's Bertha Coombs contributed to this report.