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Amarnath: 15000 rescued, 40 missing, 16 dead

Amarnath: 15000 rescued, 40 missing, 16 dead

July 9th 2022, 5:01 am
Amitesh Kumar

Doda SSP Abdul Qayoom of Jammu and Kashmir informed that a cloudburst was reported in Gunti Forest of Thathri Town at around 4 am on Saturday. However, there was no information about any casualty in this accident.

On Friday (July 8) in Jammu and Kashmir, a major accident happened due to cloudburst near the Amarnath cave. Many devotees were washed away in the huge influx that came near the cave. So far 16 people have been confirmed dead in this accident. At the same time 40 people are said to be missing. Let us tell you that the rescue operation is going on to find the missing people.

Teams of ITBP and NDRF are engaged on the spot for relief and rescue work. Significantly, the army has so far shifted 15,000 pilgrims to a safe place. NDRF DG Atul Karwal said, “16 people have died in this accident and around 40 people are missing. The rescue work went on till 4.30 pm, then the rescue operation was stopped due to rain. Now back rescue operation has been started from 6 am on Saturday.

15 thousand people were shifted to a safe place: ITBP officer Vivek Kumar Pandey informed, “We have received information from the local administration that around 30-40 people may be missing now. ITBP is working closely with Indian Army, NDRF, SDRF and J&K Police. We can find many missing people from the cave area.”

He said, “The yatra has been stopped for the time being. We are advising people not to go upstairs. All passengers are safe and don't worry. The situation is likely to normalize to a large extent by afternoon and can resume the yatra if the administration takes a decision.”

What was the reason: The Meteorological Department said on Friday that the deaths and destruction in the accident near the Amarnath cave temple in South Kashmir were due to excessive local rains. According to meteorologists, 31 mm of rain was recorded in the areas around the cave between 4.30 pm and 6.30 pm on Friday. The tents and community kitchens near the temple were washed away with mud and rocks due to the cloudburst.

Sonam Lotus, director of the Regional Meteorological Center in Srinagar, said, “It was only an extremely dense cloud over the holy cave. That's why it happened. Because earlier this year also there was such rain but there was no flood.”

An IMD scientist said that the area above the Amarnath cave temple received 28 mm of rain between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm. Lotus said that there is a possibility of heavy rain in the higher reaches of the mountain near the Amarnath cave temple.