Ajay Devgn, Siddharth Roy Kapur join forces, turn producers for 'Gobar!'

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Mumbai: Actor-producer Ajay Devgn has announced his caller production, a comic play named "Gobar!" on with Siddharth Roy Kapur.

The movie is to beryllium directed by ad-filmmaker Sabal Shekhawat, who has besides penned the publication on with Sambhit Mishra.

The film's communicative is astir a veterinary doc who discovers a tangled web of corruption successful his authorities hospital.

Joining forces with @roykapurfilms to bring you an aMOOsing communicative from the heartland of India - GOBAR!#SiddharthRoyKapur #SabalShekhawat #SambitMishra @Meena_Iyer @KumarMangat @malvika25 pic.twitter.com/0hclj364Cm

— Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) April 16, 2021

Ajay feels radical volition emotion the story.

"The communicative of Gobar! is astatine erstwhile unique, relatable, and incredibly funny, arsenic good arsenic gripping and entertaining to the constituent that I'm assured it volition compel radical to spell to the theatres," helium says.

"We are precise wide astir the interaction we privation to make. We privation viewers to laugh, relax, possibly deliberation a small spot and beryllium entertained. The modular that Siddharth observes successful contented instauration and filmmaking makes this coll aboration precise breathtaking for us," the actor-filmmaker adds.

Kapur says that the movie centres astir the travel of a communal antheral and comes with a elemental message.

"Gobar! is simply a communicative that chronicles the seemingly pointless but yet heroic travel of a elemental national who deals with corruption successful a mode that volition bring connected galore laughs, overmuch adventure, and yet a elemental connection astir the powerfulness of the communal man," says Kapur.

He adds: "What makes the movie entertaining and unsocial is that it is simply a situational drama that sheds airy connected the interior workings of power. To beryllium collaborating with Ajay, idiosyncratic I person ever respected for his originative cho ices, and his squad astatine Ajay Devgn Ffilms connected bringing this movie to beingness is precise exciting."

Writer-director Shekhawat says that the movie has been written keeping successful caput existent events.

"Gobar! is simply a movie that volition instrumentality viewers backmost to the charming days of the ni neties and the elemental beingness of smalltown living. I wrote this communicative keeping one n caput a fewer existent events that unravelled a gamut of issues, the centre of wh ich is simply a vet whose emotion for his cows and animals supersedes everything," says Shekhawat.

"I'm grateful and blessed that 2 esteemed producers similar Aja y and Sid showed religion successful my imaginativeness and offered a sizable canvas to the storyline. Quality cinema has travel from some accumulation houses, and I'm definite tha t the attraction of my directorial volition beryllium nary different. As a filmmaker, I'm perfectly thrilled!" helium says.

Produced nether the banners Ajay Devgn Ffilms and Roy Kapur Films, the movie volition spell connected floors astatine the extremity of the year. The casting of the movie is underway.