After wife Nisha Rawals's shocking claims, Karan Mehra's chat with Himanshi Parasher goes viral!

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New Delhi: The tv industry's erstwhile 1 of the astir adorable couples, Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal's marital discord has been retired successful the open. The past fewer days person been hard for the duo, particularly aft allegations and counter-allegations were made against each other, leaving fans shocked. 

After Nisha Rawal's assertion of Karan Mehra having an extra-marital affair, his societal media chat with co-star Himanshi Parasher has gone viral. It dates backmost to April 15, 2021. Karan dropped a remark connected Himanshi's video post. Karan says that i’m a down to world [email protected] one knw it’s lame#bts @[email protected]_off

He wrote: I had said “Itna bhi nahi girna chahiye ki aap zameen pe aa jao” Cute infinitesimal and amusive shooting with you @himanshiparashar 

She replied back, "@realkaranmehra apke liye hum kahi bhi gir jaynge karan ji"

Karan Mehra is simply a portion of a Punjabi amusement called Mawaan Thandiyan Chawan and Himanshi Parashar plays the pb other him.

For the uninitiated, Nisha Rawal made shocking allegations of home unit and extra-marital matter against Karan. He was arrested for allegedly beating up his woman and taken into custody. Later successful the day, Karan was released connected bail.

In a media interaction, Nisha Rawal made immoderate startling allegations against hubby Karan Mehra, stating that helium has an extra-marital matter and aft she confronted him, helium accepted it. 

However, Karan alleged that his woman Nisha was the 1 who began the battle by shouting astatine him and past spitting connected him. He told India Today that the mates had been going done a unsmooth spot for portion and were contemplating parting ways.

He claimed the immense combat erupted arsenic helium refused to wage the 'huge' alimony magnitude demanded by his woman and her brother.

Earlier, a conception of the media reported that each is not good betwixt the duo. However, some Karan and Nisha had dissed specified claims arsenic rumours. 

The mates dated for astir six years, earlier tying the knot connected November 24, 2012. The duo was blessed with a lad successful 2017.

Karan Mehra roseate to stardom with regular soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. He was 1 of the highest-paid actors successful the TV satellite and besides participated successful Bigg Boss 10.