After Robinson row, Eoin Morgan and Jos Buttler under investigation for alleged racist remarks against Indians

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World Cup-winning England skipper Eoin Morgan and vice-captain Jos Buttler are nether probe by the England and Wales Cricket Board implicit their alleged tweets mocking Indians surfaced connected societal media.

The ECB has said due enactment volition beryllium taken and each lawsuit volition beryllium considered individually. The tweets allegedly from Morgan and Buttler surfaced connected societal media days aft accelerated bowler Ollie Robinson was suspended for his humanities racist and sexist tweets. Robinson, whose Test debut was overshadowed by the controversy, volition miss the 2nd Test against New Zealand, starting June 10 successful Birmingham.

"Screenshots person besides been shared of a connection by Buttler successful which helium says 'I ever reply sir no1 other similar maine similar you similar me' and, separately, Morgan includes Buttler successful a connection which says, 'Sir you're my favourite batsman'," according to a study successful the

"Although determination are questions implicit the precise discourse of the tweets, they were written astatine a clip erstwhile Buttler and Morgan were established England players and person caused offence connected societal media," the study added.

Morgan and Buttler are established England stars who besides person lucrative Indian Premier League contracts. While the skipper leads Kolkata Knight Riders successful the IPL, Buttler is 1 of the cardinal players for Rajasthan Royals.

'ECB committed to taking due action'

The ECB acknowledged that respective humanities violative posts allegedly by England players person surfaced aft Robinson suspension and that the committee would behaviour thorough investigations earlier taking due action.

"Since we were alerted to violative tweets past week, a fig of humanities societal media posts by different individuals person been questioned publically arsenic well," an ECB spokesperson said.

"There is nary spot for favoritism successful our sport, and we are committed to taking applicable and due enactment wherever required.

"Given the concerns which person been raised are intelligibly present broader than a azygous case, the ECB Board volition sermon however we woody with issues implicit humanities societal media worldly successful a timely and due manner.

"Each lawsuit volition beryllium considered connected an idiosyncratic basis, looking astatine each the facts. We volition measure cases with the ECB Board earlier making further statements."

Meanwhile, England's all-time wicket-taker James Anderson has besides been alleged of posting a homophobic tweet successful 2010.

"For me, it's 10-11 years ago, I've surely changed arsenic a person. And I deliberation that's the difficulty, things bash change, you bash marque mistakes," Anderson said, arsenic quoted by the British media.

Joe Root volition pb England successful the 2nd Test against New Zealand from Thursday. Anderson is each acceptable to interruption Alastair Cook's grounds for the most-capped England Test player.