After Maharashtra govt allows production activities, Amitabh Bachchan all set to resume shooting for ‘GoodBye’

1 week ago 15

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan volition beryllium soon making a comeback connected the sets of his upcoming movie ‘GoodBye.’

The update has been shared by the Shahenshah successful his latest blog and besides seemed blessed aft seeing a diminution successful the fig of COVID cases successful Delhi and Mumbai. 

Expressing his happiness, helium wrote, “Maharashtra and Delhi look to beryllium successful amended signifier .. the digits amusement a graph that slopes down and the merchandise of the orders to unbend immoderate of the stringent measures has taken signifier .. selected movements are permitted, but the precautions indispensable beryllium observed .. mask, distance, vaccinations, washing .. each to beryllium successful spot ..” 

Sharing details astir the shooting of the film, Big B wrote, “My ain full shooting unit, that shall beryllium starting enactment connected my movie ‘GoodBye’ successful a few, person each been vaccinated by the Production, and utmost precautions are successful spot to support precaution ..”

Describing astir the precautionary measures, helium shared, “Every acceptable country is sanitised aft each abbreviated interruption and they that study for enactment are tested earlier they tin participate the workplace .. and each different time random tests are done ; the infected blocked and sent location oregon to Hospital, instantly ..” 

Recently, the histrion took to his Twitter and reminded netizens that they should not beryllium lax astir COVID protocols adjacent if restrictions are being eased. The seasoned histrion besides shared his prayers for those who are suffering.