After demon blood shoes, rapper Lil Nas X stirs controversy with Montero video

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New Delhi: American rapper Lil Nas X has recovered himself successful blistery waters erstwhile again aft the motorboat of his arguable demon humor shoes and the pursuing Nike suit filed against the shoes.

On March 26, the young rapper released a euphony video for his opus 'Montero (Call Me by Your Name)' named aft his archetypal sanction and it has sparked contention each implicit societal media.

The euphony video shows Lil Nas X performing a rod creation regular and giving a thigh creation to Satan. The rapper who came retired arsenic cheery successful 2019, openly embraces his queer individuality successful the euphony video. 

Here's the video:

Netizens are divided successful their sentiment connected the video particularly connected the blatant portrayal of Satanism and homosexuality which basal successful stark opposition from Lil Nas X's archetypal azygous 'Old Town Road', which is considered a family-friendly song.

Here are immoderate of the criticisms Lil Nas X received connected Twitter:

How tin you beryllium determination making devil euphony and devil shoes and devil tweets and not adjacent connection to springiness maine a brace of those devil shoes. Yeah yea yeah it's not ineligible anymore but however astir each the parts separately and an acquisition manual truthful I tin assemble it myself. Loophole? 

— Bottles deserved it #blacklivesmatter (@enjoyyourcactus) April 6, 2021

My kids were listening to aged municipality roadworthy by Lil Nas X and 1 of my kids asked maine doesn’t helium worship satan? I said yes lad sadly helium does. I had to crook connected Power Trip by J Cole to cheer him up My kids idolize idiosyncratic amended now! Thank you J Cole you’re a beingness saver!

— KING JAMES (@KingJamesStory) April 6, 2021

@LilNasX one commune that this full "gay" happening is conscionable an enactment oregon a signifier and that you alteration your ways, God loves you and hes consenting to forgive you arsenic agelong arsenic you are consenting to beryllium forgiven. God bless you

— Vix (@vix_fur) April 6, 2021

@LilNasX I'm sorry. I utilized to beryllium a large instrumentality of yours. But I can't beryllium the instrumentality of idiosyncratic who worships Satan. And by wearing and promoting these shoes that's precisely what you're doing.I anticipation you aftermath up from your fame, wealth driven imagination earlier it consumes you totally. God bless U.

— ESPN 98 (@RyanGoated) April 6, 2021

However, determination were respective tweets by fans who defended Lil Nas X and expressed their enactment for the euphony video and the rapper's creator choices.

He doesn’t worship Satan . Y’all bash recognize that his euphony video was a conception of him loving and allowing himself to judge the information that he’s cheery … close ? Y’all hurrying to leap to a decision erstwhile y’all not adjacent watching the interviews and lyric/music video breakdowns

— Cameron . Simple . (@polk_c) April 6, 2021

i virtually perceive to it connected repetition due to the fact that issa BOP PERIODDDD. “they condemn what they bash not understand”

— jazmyn leslie (@JazmynLeslie) April 10, 2021

I find it absorbing that radical are coming into the replies saying "make amended music" oregon "retire already" similar it would marque an impact. They ever neglect to recognize that they're not his assemblage and helium doesn't attraction astir them. Nas tin bash immoderate helium wants with his career.

— Deadman Joe Velasquez (@DeadmanJoeVela1) April 10, 2021

go nas spell

— trey ♡ (@treysace) April 10, 2021

Earlier, the 21-year-old rapper had launched sneakers with human humor successful its sole. The quality of the footwear collaboration, a customized mentation of the Nike Air Max 97s, was shared by the vocalist himself connected his societal media handle.

However, Nike maintained they were not associated with the shoes and filed and won a suit against the shoes' creators - MSCHF for trademark infringement.