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After all, in which confusion is OP Rajbhar, is the math even messed up with BJP?

After all, in which confusion is OP Rajbhar, is the math even messed up with BJP?

August 4th 2022, 7:11 am
Amitesh Kumar

Aug 04, 2022 | 12:35 pm

OP Rajbhar is in the politics of Uttar Pradesh, OP Rajbhar, President of Indian Suheldev Samaj Party. There is a discussion about his closeness with the Bharatiya Janata Party. While the SP has distanced them in a way. After which Rajbhar now has less options left. Because the BSP has closed the doors for them in a way. But his entry in BJP has not been done yet. A variety of political speculations are being made about which. It was believed that Rajbhar would be included in the Yogi cabinet. But no such news is still in the discussion.

Rajbhar is looking for a new hideout after breaking the alliance with Samajwadi Party. Rajbhar had recently expressed intention to go with BSP. But the BSP has made it clear that the doors are closed for them. While his political agreement with SP is over. Overall, Rajbhar has the only option for BJP. But his deal with BJP has not been done yet. Whereas after seeking help by the BJP for the presidential election, Rajbhar had said that he had met BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi. But despite this, Rajbhar has not yet received an invitation from the BJP.

it is being told that Subhaspa's deal with BJP has not reached the final round. However, BJP is ready to keep Rajbhar in its favor. Because he can be beneficial for BJP in about a dozen seats of Purvanchal. The BJP has also seen the strength of Subhaspa well in the assembly elections. If Subhaspa was with the BJP, the BJP could easily break its previous record in the state. It is being told that Rajbhar is asking for a place in the cabinet for his son as well as a good department in the cabinet. Along with this, he wants one of the status of the Legislative Council seat or Minister of State for Legislative Council. The BJP has not yet agreed to.