Acid attack victim bank manager told travele


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Acid attack victim bank manager told travele
11:07 AM August 9, 2022

New information has been revealed in the case of acid attack on Kaushambi's Women's Bank Manager. Police investigation has revealed that two youths from Manouri were chasing the girl by bike. On the way, acid was also thrown from behind the girl, which was lying on the bag. The girl's mobile is also missing. Police detained two people late at night for questioning.

The young woman's younger brother told Dainik Bhaskar, "Both the youth were chasing the sister from Manouri. It is 28 kilometers. Both the youths would overtake and go ahead and sometimes he used to go backward. Around 11 o'clock on Monday, when I reached the Chilla Sahabagi, something like water was thrown on my back. She was on my bag. Even after that I did not stop. I was safe till that time.

later Both the youths overtook me and stood the bike in front of my scooty. After this, one of them wanted to remove my helmet. Wanted to open a cloth tied on the face. I made a noise, but one kilometer forward at that place There was also no settlement or shop. So there was no help. After continuous opposition and scuffle, both of them again attacked my head.

When my eyes started burning in my eyes, I shout loudly Started. In my chest and both Burning was also started in the hands. Now I understood that there was an acid attack on me.

I was badly nervous. Both escaped from there by throwing acids. Both of them covered their faces. A passerby passing by helped me. I took off half the scarf, gloves with both hands and threw the gloves on my face. Removed the bag. Passenger brought me to a nearby hospital. Then the police arrived and informed my family members. "

" Acid attack has occurred in Yogi Raj, "Get Justice" The victim of acid attack victim said, "My sister's love with someone There is no affair. My sister has no enmity with anyone. Do not understand who has attacked and why this acid has been attacked. The police is investigating the matter but there is no clue yet. Praying to Chief Minister Yogi with folded hands is to provide justice to my sister. There should be a fair investigation into the matter. "

3 teams of police are conducting investigations, results SP Hemraj Meena said,“ The victim has wounds on the hands, chests and face. The father has registered a case. 3 police teams have been formed for the revelations. Soon the miscreants will be found and detained. Some clues have been found, police teams are working on it. The girl's statement has been recorded. "

Sirfire lover may have a handply, according to sources, the woman was married a day before. The next day after the marriage was finalized, the girl should be attacked by acid with acid. Gaya. In this case, the police is also investigating whether any madman is handed over. The girl's mobile has also been found missing from the spot. The police is seeing which numbers of the girl used to talk.

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