About Public App

Hey, welcome to Public App :)

Public App is a blog where you can find useful posts related to technology like programming, hacking, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Yes, you can absolutely learn here and If you want to share your knowledge you can comment or you can contact me to post here your blog (if you don't have your own blog website).

Do you want to know about me? I am Amitesh Kumar, my nickname is Bhanu Stark. I am 24 years old. Trying to get some fem in blogging.

History of Public App

Well, I was purchased publicapp.in domain name in February 2018 and tried to create a social network. I ran that social network for a year then after not getting revenue I moved it to a blogging platform then again went to the social network. I messed it up too much.

"I messed it up too much" This is true but I've learned a lot.

Now about Public App

Now I've started this as a blog where I will share my knowledge, what I've learned and what I am learning now.

And trying to find people like me who can also teach me some useful stuff.

Now I will suppose Public App's birthday on 23 August 2021, because I've started it as a fresh blog on this date. And that is also my birth date on my certificate.

About Me

I've also created a YouTube channel, where you can find videos with the same niche in the Hindi Language.

So if you can understand the Hindi language watch my videos on YouTube.


Thanks for reading :)

Keep coming here... and also comment always to be connected.