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Abdul Jamil became Shravan Kumar by adopting Hinduism: said- Maulana threatened me, he will make my head pen, but I am not afraid

Abdul Jamil became Shravan Kumar by adopting Hinduism: said- Maulana threatened me, he will make my head pen, but I am not afraid

July 22nd 2022, 2:51 pm
Amitesh Kumar
Jai Shri Ram from today I am Shravan Kumar. Shri Ram is my adorable. Hanuman in my heart. I can also give my life for them. My new address is Hanuman temple. I will donate everything. I have become a monk. Abdul Jamil, who has adopted Hinduism in Fatehpur, is somewhere from Dainik Bhaskar. 68 -year -old Shravan Kumar said, "Ever since I came to Sanatan Dharma, I have been getting calls from the mullahs. Those people threatened me. I have said, have you really left Muslim religion. I am saying yes to them again and again, after that I am being threatened. I know as soon as these people will find me alone, my head is different from the body Will do it. But I don't mind it. I will worship my God as long as I can. "Shravan Kumar said," My son Sameer was in my favor. But the family members threatened him and calm him down. The son used to offer prayers at the Dwarka temple in Delhi. He had stopped eating meat fish. But the people of my house hit him, after which he stopped everything. "He said," As much as I am Muslim society, I said. I have passed, I have been upset. I have never liked the customs, traditions there. I was always sad. My family too has left me after my decision. But I have left me. But My doors will always be open to them. I will never go to the mosque in future. Ever since I came to Sanatan Dharma, I have been happy. My mind is calm. People here have adopted me with an open heart. When I used to worship Lord Ram in my house, my family used to fight with me. Used to bother me. Many times my luggage was also thrown out. A few days ago, my brother -in -law closed the room and beat me a lot. My God is watching everything. Now I am in the shelter of Lord Rama, I am not afraid of anyone. "The city said- congratulations to them, get the case on those who are threatening them, in this case, the city Qazi Sahidul Islam Abddullah said," To join Hinduism. Congratulations to Shravan Kumar. I would like to tell them that those who are threatening. Get a case registered against them. Anyone can go anywhere but religion should not be maligned. "The city Qazi further said," I would like to say to them, the rhetoric they are making. He is wrong. Such rhetoric can spoil the atmosphere. They should avoid this. "Hinduism was adopted with Vedic mantra, Hinduism Abdul Jamil on Thursday adopted Hinduism with Vedic mantra by wearing janeu in Hanuman temple. He has now become Shravan Kumar. He has become a retired personnel of Shravan Railway. He is a retired personnel. The family has a wife, three daughters and a son. None of them have left Islam. All live in Lucknow. The elder daughter is married. Shravan joined a railway job on 30 October 1978. The posting was held on the post of reservation supervisor in Fatehpur. He remained in Fatehpur for 20 years. After this he was transferred to Shikohabad. There was a job for 18 years and retired from there in 2014. Copyright © 2022-23 DB Corp Ltd. , ALL Rights Reservedthis Website Follows the DNPA Code of Ethics.