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MAIN RIVAL: Ramendu Sinha Roy (TMC)

BACKGROUND: Right-leaning politician, noted writer and author. A nominated Rajya Sabha subordinate of the BJP, Dasgupta discontinue the Upper House precocious to officially articulation the enactment and contention the assembly election. In 2015, helium was awarded the Padma Bhushan for his publication to lit and education. He earned a doctorate from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, and was a probe chap astatine Oxford University.

CAMPAIGN STYLE: In sync with the ambiance of the temple municipality of Tarakeswar successful Hooghly district, Dasgupta mostly sports shades of saffron connected the run trail. People greet him with saffron and yellowish marigold garlands and sandalwood tilak. Accompanying enactment workers stroke conch shells and chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and ‘Joi Baba Tarakeswar’ arsenic Dasgupta goes temple hopping and interacts with voters astir the BJP’s roadworthy representation to ‘ashol poriborton (real change)’.

PROMISES: Upgrading the civic infrastructure of Tarakeswar. “West Bengal is being over-politicised. I anticipation to spot an extremity to divisive politics”




Hareram Singh (TMC)

BACKGROUND: Ghosh is the president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Students’ Union. The PhD student has been a starring look of the protests against CAA and the caller workplace laws. She was allegedly attacked during the January 2020 mob unit astatine the JNU campus, though the Delhi constabulary named her arsenic 1 of the suspects.

CAMPAIGN STYLE: Born successful the colliery loop of Asansol-Durgapur successful Burdwan district, Ghosh is well-versed with the problems of regular wagers astatine the mines, and connects with them successful their dialect. “When a 19-year-old risks moving successful an amerciable excavation to gain a fewer 100 rupees, 1 tin ideate the authorities of unemployment successful Bengal,” she says. Young men and women get drawn to her street-corner meetings and lend their dependable to the chorus of ‘Halla bol (Raise your voice)’ and ‘Hum leke rahenge azadi (Freedom astatine immoderate cost)’.

PROMISES: Wooing manufacture to Asansol-Durgapur to make jobs for the youth, breaking the integer divide, which she feels is impeding the acquisition of underprivileged students successful the pandemic.



MAIN RIVAL: Sekhar Dasgupta (TMC)

“The tendency for ashol poriborton and Sonar Bangla is for real. I archer people: you tried retired the Left and TMC, present springiness the BJP a chance”

BACKGROUND: Lahiri was the 12th main economical advisor to the Indian authorities (2002-07). He is simply a erstwhile manager of the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy and ex-member of the 15th Finance Commission. A erstwhile Reader of the Delhi School of Economics, Lahiri has besides had stints with the World Bank, IMF and Asian Development Bank.

CAMPAIGN STYLE: Lahiri is retired connected the streets for 12 hours oregon much each day. In betwixt thoroughfare meetings and padyatras, helium takes a speedy luncheon break, usually astatine enactment sympathisers’ homes. Lahiri is wholly astatine easiness with the radical and environs of Balurghat. As a child, helium utilized to predominant his maternal uncle’s location here.

He advocates commercialized and economical regeneration of the portion done the opening up of the roadworthy corridor betwixt Hili (in Balurghat) and Tura (Meghalaya), via Bangladesh.

PROMISES: Improve roadworthy connectivity betwixt North and South Bengal, acceptable up a well-equipped infirmary successful Balurghat truthful that radical don’t person to spell to different cities for treatment. “The Hili-Tura corridor tin unfastened up export opportunities for atom and freshwater food from South Dinajpur,” says Lahiri, who is besides rooting for a heavy oversea larboard successful Bengal. “The Kolkata larboard has go dysfunctional,” helium says.



MAIN RIVAL: Partha Chatterjee (TMC)

BACKGROUND: The Bengali cinema histrion has essayed roles successful 31 films and has respective commercialized hits to her credit. She began her vocation successful 1997 arsenic a kid artist. Her notable films see Goynar Baksho (2013), Buno Haansh (2014) and Uma (2018).

CAMPAIGN STYLE: Chatterjee joined the BJP connected March 1 and soon turned pro, forcefully raising ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’ and ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans portion campaigning. Leaving her prima aura behind, she mixes freely with people, shaking hands and obliging women with selfies oregon seeking the blessings of the elderly. Given her ancestry successful Behala, she reminds voters not to see her an outsider. On the past time of her campaign, she stormed the Behala constabulary presumption successful protestation aft a roadshow by Mithun Chakraborty was denied permission.

PROMISES: The ardent Modi instrumentality promises her constituency a super-speciality hospital, amended roads and cleaner schools.

“I person grown up successful Behala. If I win, it volition beryllium a triumph for the daughters and radical of Behala”



MAIN RIVALS: Baishali Dalmiya (BJP), Rana Chatterjee (TMC)

BACKGROUND: Dhar is the all-India associated caput and cardinal committee subordinate of the Students Federation of India (SFI). The PhD student from JNU participated energetically successful the anti-CAA agitation and the protests pursuing Hyderabad University pupil Rohith Vemula’s termination successful 2016. Dhar’s grandfather, Padma Nidhi Dhar, was a three-time Left MLA from neighbouring Domjur.

CAMPAIGN STYLE: A dafli successful hand, Dhar leads a radical of 50-100 supporters done the constrictive lanes of Bally. Slogans specified arsenic ‘Haal pherao, Laal pherao (Bring backmost the Left to bring change)’ and ‘Jaan se pyari azadi (Freedom supra everything)’ capable the air. As she goes doorway to door, radical ablution her with love, isolated from chocolates, h2o bottles, Glucon-D packets and adjacent dangler-earrings. Dhar takes up civic issues, specified arsenic unfastened drains that overflow successful the monsoon, atrocious roads and shortage of potable water.

PROMISES: Reviving Howrah’s Kedarnath Hospital, wherever Dhar was born. She says the aesculapian installation faces an acute shortage of beds, doctors and infrastructure. Dhar besides wants to upgrade immoderate “old but resourceful libraries” successful the constituency arsenic good arsenic halt highrises from coming up connected ponds and playgrounds. Above all, she promises accountability.

“I privation to interruption the stereotype of women being judged by their tegument colour”



MAIN RIVAL: Debasish Kumar (TMC)

BACKGROUND: Former lawman main of Army Staff, erstwhile subordinate of the National Security Advisory Board. As wide serviceman commanding of the army’s 15 Corps successful Srinagar, helium oversaw flood alleviation and assembly polls successful Kashmir successful 2014. He is the founding manager wide of the Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers.

CAMPAIGN STYLE: Lt Gen. Saha hits the run way astatine 7.30 americium sharp. A stickler for punctuality, helium doesn’t hold for enactment workers moving late. Sprouts, curd and coconut h2o support him going done the day. ‘Bhaarer cha (tea successful earthen cups)’ from roadside stalls is his vigor shot. He covers 5-6 km connected ft each day, going doorway to doorway successful highrises and slums alike and listening to people’s woes.

PROMISES: Jobs to bring backmost younker migrating retired of the state. Lt Gen. Saha sees Bengal arsenic cardinal to PM Modi’s Act East policy. The BJP’s ‘Sankalpa Patra’ sets a “benchmark and is deliverable”, helium says.

“I felt a calling—this is an accidental to bash thing for your state, truthful instrumentality up the challenge”



MAIN RIVAL: Agnimitra Paul (BJP)

BACKGROUND: The movie actor’s governmental introduction was marked by contention arsenic BJP person Tathagata Roy lodged a constabulary ailment implicit an aged tweet of hers that helium claimed had wounded the sentiments of Hindus. Ghosh was trolled implicit the tweet successful 2015 adjacent though she had distanced herself from it. The incidental firmed up her resoluteness to articulation authorities and instrumentality connected her detractors.

CAMPAIGN STYLE: Dressed successful handloom saris and colourful sneakers, Ghosh covers her constituency astatine a brisk pace, keeping enactment activists and the media connected their toes. Aware of her propulsion among the youth, she says: “I americium large with nationalist enactment and tin link with radical crossed gender, caste, people and age, adjacent a newborn volition motion if I commencement talking!” Shaking hands, giving autographs and posing for selfies is precise overmuch a portion of her run drill.

PROMISES: Toilets successful tribal villages to spare women the embarrassment of unfastened defecation and entree to drinking h2o for each households. “It pains maine to spot radical having to question kilometres to fetch water,” she says.

“Thanda matha, paa gorom, chokh akashe, haath kandhe (Keep your caput chill and feet warm; purpose precocious and lend a helping hand)”



MAIN RIVAL: Subhash Chandra Halder (BJP)

BACKGROUND: The award-winning Dalit writer is president of the Dalit Sahitya Akademi acceptable up by the Mamata Banerjee authorities successful September 2020. Byapari has written 17 books successful a vocation spanning implicit 40 years. He learnt to work and constitute astatine the property of 24 portion serving a situation term. He has tried his manus astatine assorted jobs, rickshaw-puller, navigator and Dom (who gain their surviving astatine cremation grounds and are disparaged by casteist prejudice arsenic the lowliest community).

CAMPAIGN STYLE: A gamcha astir his neck, Byapari walks kilometres each time to screen nooks and corners of his constituency. To him, the gamcha is arsenic overmuch indispensable run gear—to hitch disconnected sweat oregon usage arsenic a pillow portion resting nether trees, arsenic a governmental statement, symbolising the moving class. Byapari tells voters Mamata Banerjee gave him (Dalits) respect by giving him a summons whereas helium was doing unusual jobs to marque ends conscionable successful the days of the Left.

PROMISES: Remain accessible and beryllium the “Dalit voice” successful the legislative assembly.

“I archer radical not to spot the BJP arsenic they volition instrumentality implicit Bengali culture. I besides pass them astir NRC (National Register of Citizens) and detention camps”


CONSTITUENCY: Rajarhat Gopalpur

MAIN RIVALS: Samik Bhattacharya (BJP), Subhajit Dasgupta (CPI(M)

BACKGROUND: A kirtan exponent, Munshi’s governmental plunge was inspired by Mamata Banerjee. Her father-in-law and husband, some with the TMC, backed her determination to contention from Rajarhat Gopalpur contempt enactment activists determination facing allegations of extortion.

CAMPAIGN STYLE: Munshi croons a fewer lines wherever she campaigns. Her events are musical, adivasi creation to the beats of the dhamsa madol (a benignant of drum) oregon kirtans and dhaak. She adjacent lent her dependable to Mamata’s run successful Nandigram.

PROMISE: Munshi assures radical she volition present connected past promises made by her party.



MAIN RIVALS: Sukhamay Satpathy (BJP),

Madhuja Sen Roy (CPI(M)

BACKGROUND: The Santhali histrion is the girl of Naren Hansda, laminitis of the Jharkhand Party-Naren, and erstwhile MLA Chunibala Hansda. Birbaha, who joined the TMC successful March, contested the 2019 Lok Sabha canvass arsenic a Jharkhand Party-Naren campaigner from Jhargram and lost. She made her movie debut successful 2008 and has acted successful astir 20 movies, delivering respective acclaimed performances and winning awards.

CAMPAIGN STYLE: Hansda’s popularity was evident: fans poured retired to conscionable her and families welcomed her according to adivasi customized by washing her feet. She covered an mean 10 km a time connected foot.

PROMISES: Hansda vows to combat for the rights of radical of Jhargram. “People are escaped to telephone maine anytime. There are 334 booths successful my constituency. Visiting adjacent 1 a day, I’ll beryllium capable to caregiver each successful a year,” she says.

“Birbaha means chaotic angiosperm (in Santhali). I volition beryllium with my radical similar the chaotic flowers successful their way and lives”



MAIN RIVALS: Sabyasachi Dutta (BJP), Sujit Bose (TMC)

BACKGROUND: The IT nonrecreational is nary governmental greenhorn, having worked his mode up arsenic a pupil person of the Congress. He present handles the societal media compartment of the Congress.

CAMPAIGN STYLE: Banerjee relies heavy connected Zoom calls to link with the younker arsenic good arsenic elder citizens. He has prepared a ‘vision document’ for Bidhannagar. Among different things, helium wants to marque the constituency elder national friendly.

PROMISES: Launch ‘bike ambulance’ and ‘bike pathology’ services for the people, peculiarly elder citizens. Bridge the shortage of doctors by helping wide practitioners unfastened clinics successful their localities. Banerjee besides wants to crook the canals successful the constituency into waterways arsenic a viable enactment for transportation.

“I person discontinue my occupation and travel to play cricket connected the field, not from the Commentary box”