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5 reasons for the breakdown between JDU-BJP: Nitish's clash with the speaker, silence on Agneepath; The spark was burning for 5 months

5 reasons for the breakdown between JDU-BJP: Nitish's clash with the speaker, silence on Agneepath; The spark was burning for 5 months

Like every year, this time also Rabri Devi had an iftar party in April. The attendance of CM Nitish Kumar caught everyone's attention. He reached such a party at Rabri Devi's house after five years. The fragrance began that Nitish could once again break ties with the BJP. Well, the matter has come, but the spark between the BJP-JDU continued to light up.

Today Nitish Kumar has announced to break the alliance with BJP. CM Nitish Kumar submitted his resignation to Governor Fagu Chauhan at 4 pm on Tuesday evening. Nitish immediately claimed to form a new government. He handed over the support of 160 MLAs to the Governor.

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We analyzed a little closely and 5 major reasons for the rift between the BJP-JDU were revealed. These reasons are so big that the politics of Bihar has been turned up… K CM Nitish Kumar wants to represent the same proportion in the Union Cabinet. At present, both parties have 16-16 Lok Sabha MPs in Bihar.

JDU wants JDU that as many ministers have been made from BJP at the Center from Bihar quota as many JDU should be made from JDU. Whereas, after 2019, JDU has been offered only one ministerial position in BJP -led NDA government.

That is why JDU National President Lalan Singh has also said that Janata Dal United Central on Sunday The cabinet will not be included once again. At the same time, JDU has also accused the conspiracy to break JDU with the help of RCP Singh. Also understand the meaning of this ...

Second reason: BJP quota -turned -speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha and CM Nitish

CM Nitish Kumar became the assembly speaker from BJP quota Vijay Kumar Do not like Sinha much. There has also been a dispute between Nitish Kumar and Vijay Sinha inside and outside the House. Its hallmarks are these 2 incidents

First incident: In March 2022, CM Nitish Kumar accused the speaker of breaking the rules inside the assembly and questioned the Bihar government.

Second Event: In February 2022, Vijay Sinha attacked Nitish Kumar and his government fiercely after the arrest of BJP workers on charges of breaking the Kovid rules in his constituency Lakhisarai.

Third reason: After the Agneepath scheme Sanjay Jaiswal had attacked JDU, apart from this, BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal also attacked the Nitish government after a violent demonstration in Bihar after the implementation of Agneepath scheme, saying, "Only the BJP is being targeted." It should be stopped soon, otherwise it will not be good for anyone. ' This is the reason why everything is not going right between the two parties.

Fourth reason: The BJP-led central government-led central government at the national level and The states are thinking of holding elections simultaneously, while JDU has openly opposed it. JDU has said that the policy of 'One Nation One Election' is not practically correct. '

Not only this, JDU's stand on Agneepath Yojana has been different from BJP. When this decision was fiercely causing this decision in Bihar, CM Nitish Kumar kept silence in this matter. Apart from this, the Common Civil Code, which is the core agenda of the BJP, is also a different way to JDU in terms of this. In his government, ministers made from BJP quota should be controlled. Not only this, CM Nitish also wants that these ministers should also be consulted in the selection, while this is not happening. Amit Shah is taking his favorite people in the cabinet without taking opinion from the Chief Minister.

earlier also CM Nitish has given BJP and BJP big leaders, even though JDU is the oldest partner in NDA but On several occasions, it has given a tough blow to the BJP. Here we tell three such occasions…

first chance: June 2010. Narendra Modi came to Bihar to attend the BJP National Executive meeting. Nitish Kumar invited many big BJP leaders including Narendra Modi for dinner on his behalf, but later canceled it. However, later Nitish Kumar blamed BJP leader Sushil Modi for this.

Second opportunity: 2014 was contesting elections under the leadership of BJP Narendra Modi before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. At the moment NDA needed JDU the most, but at the same time Nitish Kumar decided to break his 17 -year -old friendship relationship.

Third opportunity: Nitish after the Godhra incident in 2002, Nitish Kumar blamed Narendra Modi for the incident. At this time too, Nitish Kumar -led JDU was in an alliance with the NDA government of the Center.

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