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450 crore fake billing in SP leader's company: IT team seized 10 crore jewel

450 crore fake billing in SP leader's company: IT team seized 10 crore jewel

IT i.e. Income Tax team conducted raids for 6 days at the Ghanaram Infra Group of SP's MLC and its associated builders. In Kanpur and Jhansi, 150 officers have investigated 32 locations. The IT team, who reached the house of CA Dinesh Sethi in Jankipuram, Jhansi, had to break the door. When she reached inside, a vault was found. An attempt was made to cut it with a cutter. If not cut, the team has uprooted and brought it to Kanpur with them.

Fake billing and transaction of 450 crores have been reported in the renovation so far. 10 crore jewelry and cash have also been found.

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IT sources say that tax evasion of more than Rs 75 crore has been caught. The electronic vault has been seized from the group's CA Dinesh Sethi's residence. Four diarys have also been recovered, in which 75 people are written. Cash transactions were done with many of them.

Cash sports lasted for a day -long day, a total of 450 crores has been found in the investigation that lasted for a day. It has a share of 250 crores for fake billing. This type of billing was being done for six years. The respective groups could not give any explanation regarding billing. Cash transactions were done on a large scale in the sale and purchase of land, flat.

Where did this cash go after coming out of real estate? The department has not received a satisfactory answer to its source. Investigation found that cash was being done by showing borrowings. Different people were shown in a borrowing papers of crores.

Efforts were made to decode the electronic vault CA Dinesh Sethi at an attempt to decode the electronic vault found here. If not done, there was an attempt to cut the cutter. When the vault was not cut, it was uprooted and brought to Kanpur. The four diaries found from there mention the names and cash transactions of more than 75 people. The investigation of the names of the people written in the diary has been started. The most names in the diary are of the people of Jhansi, including businessmen, people of political parties.

6 months preparation, then Ghanaram Group raid Ghanaram Infra Group and its associated builders preparation The investigation wing was doing for 6 months. The IT team came to Jhansi several times. He gathered information about the locations of Group director Bishun Singh Yadav and his brother SP's former MLC Shyam Sundar Singh Yadav.

IT teams reached Jhansi under the leadership of Atul Kumar, a zonal director of the Zonepur zone, a camp office in Jhansi. The Income Tax Department office was made a camp office near Elite Crossroads. From here, zonal directors are leading all teams.

more than 27 deal papers of Deal Papers Center, more than 150 officers of the Income Tax Department along with heavy security forces with heavy security forces, Ghanaram and his colleagues of Jhansi's big real estate group Ghanaram and his colleagues Builders Sanjay Arora, Shiva Soni, Vijay Saraogi, Mayank Garg and Virendra Rai were raided simultaneously. Ghanaram Group is director Bishun Singh, his brother Shyam Sundar Singh. Shyam Sundar is the former MLC of SP.

Apart from him, Rakesh Yadav was also raided at Navsheel Dham in Kalyanpur, Kanpur. Documents of ten properties and more than 27 deal papers have been sealed from their premises. The documents of the properties have been sent to the benami wing of the Income Tax Department for examination.


August 9th 2022, 3:35 am
Amitesh Kumar
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