3 people infected due to tattoos: If you are going to make it too, careful, hepatitis B and viral infection is danger


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3 people infected due to tattoos: If you are going to make it too, careful, hepatitis B and viral infection is danger
11:35 PM August 8, 2022

Those who are thinking of getting tattooed should read this news first-

About 2-3 people have been found HIV positive in Varanasi due to recently tattoo.

Pt. According to Dr. Preeti Aggarwal of the Anti Retrovel Treatment Center of Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital, those who have come to HIV positive, they first got fever and then the body became weak. After a lot of treatment, when the HIV was examined, the report came positive.

Some important questions and answers related to the incident-

Question- These people due to the tattooing these people HIV positive Why did you come? What is the real reason behind this? Answer: According to Dr. Preeti, when the patients were counseling, it was found that the needle used to get the tattoo was used was HIV infected. And this one needle was used to make tattoos on the body of many people.

Question- Why did the tattoo make the same needle? Answer- Actually people got tattoos with a single hawker. The tattoo -making Nidil i.e. needle is quite expensive. So the hawker used the same needle several times in the process of saving money.

Question- How much pain does it cause tattoo? Answer- If there will be less pain on any part of the body, then more on any part. It depends on the power to bear the person.

Why does the pain hurt, understand the science behind it- because of the nerve present in the body, you feel pain while getting tattoos. At the time when tattoos are made in your body with a needle, at that time, nerve sends a message to the mind. Parts that have less fat and nerve or bone are high. There is the most pain in getting tattoos. The part of the feet, ankle, calf, shoulders and ribs is very sensitive.

One person is as much pain in getting tattooed, it is not necessary that the other is equal. Everyone's ability to tolerate pain is different.

If tattoos are not made with caution, then these 3 diseases can be done

Question- What is the benefit of getting a good tattoo. Or is there only loss? Answer: If you believe in science, then there are some benefits of getting tattoos. Like-

Question- What should be taken care of after tattooing? Answer: Take care of these things written below-

Know while walking-

Tattoo is called tattoo. There are some beliefs and legends behind making it.

Tattoos started to make girls look ugly. Tradition Jyoti Prabha told Dainik Bhaskar that in the olden times, the king used to come to the forest to hunt. They used to take beautiful tribal girls with them.

tribals decided to make girls ugly to secure them. Make tattoos on their faces. People had thought that the more ugly, the more safe it would be. Jyoti says that there is a belief in our community that this mark on the body remains with them even after death and they proudly show them to Yamdoot. These tattoos are called sowing in local language.

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