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25 patients of Corona in three days: 101 out of 122 patients had doses, yet positive

25 patients of Corona in three days: 101 out of 122 patients had doses, yet positive

August 4th 2022, 9:21 am
Amitesh Kumar

The number of corona positive patients in Nagaur district is continuously increasing. JLN, the largest hospital in the district, more than 12 patients are coming to Corona positive every day, while 70 percent of them are those who had put both doses of Corona, despite this corona is becoming positive.

If you take a look at the figures of the last three days, then a total of 25 patients have been infected with Korona in JLN Hospital, while a total of 122 patients came to Korona positive in July. A total of 200 patients are arriving at JLN Hospital for samples. According to experts, if the samples are taken in large numbers every day, then the number of patients can increase even more. At present, only limited people are reaching to get samples. Due to which the number of patients of Corona is coming down. On the other hand, the health department is also not seen much worried about Korona. Is getting closer to In such a situation, the number of positive patients in the villages was 59, while 63 patients in the city have been found to be corona positive. Similarly, the percentage of corona positive in women and men is also almost equal. Talking about the data, the number of Corona positive number of women came to 59, while men 64 positive. The corona was installed by both the vaccine. Despite this, he still came to Corona positive. However, experts say that people are getting sick due to low immunity power and their report is coming positive on investigation.