How To Celebrate Mother's Day During Pandemic

We all know the importance of mothers needs no retelling. We all grew because of Mother's dedication. So there's a day every year to celebrate and to honor them.

How to Celebrate Mother's Day During Pandemic

When is Mother's Day?

For this year Mother's Day is on 10 May, 2020.

Gifts for mother's day

What to get mom for Mother's Day?

Actually it depends on your family's current situation. 
  • If you have a job and you belongs to middle class family then you should give her a something expensive gift from your own earnings.
    • You can purchase dress.
    • You can purchase ring.
    • You can purchase jewelry.
  • If you belong to a higher class family and you have enough money, Don't purchase anything from your market for her. Try to create something with your own hands for her. Try DIY:
    • If you are a painter try to create painting of your mom.
    • Try to create a painting about your mom's dedication for you and your family.
    • Try to make music on Piano or Guitar for her.
    • You can make cake or chocolate or cook something special for your mom.
  • If you belong to a lower class family then you can buy any gift that should be helpful for your mother everyday.
She is your mom, Do anything from your heart for her, She'll love your gift. I have only suggest you. But in reality, you know that what actually will be good gift for your mom.

Celebrate Mother's day

How to celebrate Mother's Day during Pandemic?

I know in Pandemic, It's not easy somewhere to get something from market. So you can celebrate Mother's Day well at your home too.
  1. You can assist and server her all day like she's Queen of your home.
  2. Deck your mom's front door when she sleeps at night. She must be surprised.
  3. Let all the families sit together and remember her sacrifices and dedication one by one and tell her.
  4. Picnic on your roof or in your garden.
  5. Watch a mother-son/daughter movie together or you can also watch a family movie together.
  6. For her, all the family cook together.
  7. Learn something new together with your mom from the Internet.
  8. Write a letter for your mother and keep the letter with her while she sleeps.

Love You MOM

When is Mother's Day in UK and Why?

In UK, Mother's is celebrated on March 22, 2020.
In UK, Mother's day is known as Mother's Sunday and It is celebrated on year's 4th Sunday. So March is the starting month of every year and this year, March 22 was the 4th Sunday. So March 22, 2020 was the Mother's day in UK.

There is a Mother's story about a lower class family. There was a family and in that family only two member was, A mother and a son. They were so poor. Her mom cook in other's home and earn money and she used to run her house very hard. She was cooking on Goitha's stove. Sometimes her hand also got burnt. One day a fair takes place and her son insists to go to the fair and asking for some money. Her son was saying he had to buy a toy. The mother was refusing her son to go to the fair, but because of her son's insistence she asks him to go to the fair. Mother had only 10 rupees which she gives to her son. Her son comes home at evening and He had bought Tongs (Tongs can help to bake bread without touching the bread. Hand will not burn.) and he gave it to his mother. Her mom started crying to see her son's love and she hugged her son.

Love You So Much MOM ❤️

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