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17 -year -old girl raised from home and attempted rape: killed by slammed after protesting, two brothers also attacked

17 -year -old girl raised from home and attempted rape: killed by slammed after protesting, two brothers also attacked

July 22nd 2022, 4:02 pm
Amitesh Kumar
Late on Thursday night in Lallu Pokhar in Qasim Bazar police station area, 5 people drunk with alcohol picked up a 17 -year -old girl from the house and took them to the Ganges. Alcohol was trying to rape the girl by beating the girl on the ground along the Ganges by drunken boys, meanwhile, the victim's brother and family reached there, on this, all the drunken youths on this to the family members He escaped from there. During the rape of the rape, two brothers of the girl were injured in the fighting 18 -year -old Laxman Sahni and cousin Raja Sahni, uncle Joginder Sahni, respectively. While the girl's jaw burst badly due to the banging on the ground, due to which the tactic was injured and the teeth are also broken. Despite this, neither the Kotwali police could record the statement of the device nor the FIR has been registered in the Kasim Bazar police station. While this is the case of Lallu Pokhar in Kasim Vihar police station area. 17 -year -old daughter of Mahendra Sahni, a resident of Lallu Pokhar, came out of the house for the bathroom at 9 pm on Thursday evening when Arun Sahni, Pankaj Sahni, Rakesh in a drunken state Sahni, Pappu Sahni and Roshan Sahni were trying to rape the woman by taking her to the Ganges on the tip of the arms and attempting to rape her. When the girl did not return home after the girl was not returned, the family went out to see the family when she did not return home. The sound of shouting came from the banks of the Ganges, hearing the voice, the girl's uncle Jogindra Sahni, cousin Raja and brother Laxman Sahni reached there. So all the accused with the woman lying on the ground were engaged in the attempt to rape. Seeing the family members, all the accused escaped from the scene while assaulting the family members. Later, the badly injured victim was brought to Sadar Hospital for first aid by family members where the doctor is being admitted to the female ward. The doctor treating the young woman said that the victim's teeth were broken due to breaking the teeth of the woman. The mouth is also cut near the jaw. In this context, Kasim Bazar Police Station Dharmendra Kumar said that I have not been given any information by anyone in this context. Copyright © 2022-23 DB corp ltd., All rights reservedthis website follows the DNPA CODE of Ethics.