100-year-old Japanese clock stopped due to 2011 quake. It's ticking after 10 years

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A 100-year-old Japanese timepiece that had stopped moving aft the mega 2011 earthquake started ticking again this twelvemonth aft different earthquake struck the region.

In March 2011, an earthquake had struck Japan’s north-eastern coast. A tsunami followed the devastating earthquake, and the calamity resulted successful the decease of much than 18,000 people.

The timepiece astatine the clip was stored successful a Buddhist temple successful Yamamoto. It was submerged erstwhile the country was struck by the tsunami. The clock’s owner, Bunsun Sakano, tried to hole the breached clock, but with nary success.

Ten years aboriginal successful February 2021, arsenic Japan witnessed different earthquake successful the region, the timepiece started to tick connected its own.


The spring-driven timepiece was stored successful Japan’s Miyagi portion astatine the Fumonji Temple successful Yamamoto. Miyagi and Fukushima were among the severely deed regions by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

In 2011, the temple, which is situated a fewer 100 metres from the coast, was struck by the tsunami waves. Only the temple’s pillars and extortion were spared by the calamity.

After the disaster, Bunsun Sakano, the temple's caput clergyman and the proprietor of the clock, rescued the timepiece from the debris. He tried to hole the timepiece and rewound it, but it was each successful vain.

On February 13 this year, the aforesaid portion was struck by different almighty earthquake. Meteorologists judge it to beryllium an aftershock of the monolithic 2011 quake.

The adjacent morning, arsenic Sakano was carrying connected with his regular routine, helium heard a ticking dependable and recovered that the timepiece had started moving again connected its own.

A typical of Seiko, the clock's manufacturer, believed that it was imaginable that the pendulum, which had stopped moving aft the 2011 earthquake, started moving again erstwhile the 2nd earthquake struck successful 2021. Another anticipation is that the particulate physique up wrong the timepiece came escaped with the 2021 earthquake.

Bunsun Sakano said helium has taken inspiration from the timepiece restarting.

"Maybe it's pushing maine to determination guardant with caller determination," the 58-year-old said. "It's similar a motion of encouragement that the existent restoration is to come."

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