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10 things that can ruin, your child's life, do not forget this

10 things that can ruin, your child's life, do not forget this

Bad parenting: You must have seen Amir Khan's "Taare Zameen Par" Movie and almost everyone must have felt themselves in the role of Darsheel Safari or his elder brother. While watching the movie, you must also have tears. You must have thought that this film is your childhood story.

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bad parenting: Amir Khan's "Taare Zameen Par" was shown in the film, every character must have reminded you of some or the other character of your childhood. You must have put the entire blame on your parents. But now, when you are playing the character of a mother or father in your life. So you are repeating the mistakes that you saw in the movie.

There is no doubt that only parents can understand how difficult it is to nurture the children. Many times you say something like this while talking to children. Which affects the small mind of children and has a profound effect on their brain.

While teaching discipline to children and bringing them on the right path, we also use harsh words in front of children. In such a situation, you must keep in mind what to speak in front of children and what not to say.

comparing children Parents often start comparing the child with themselves. What did you do or what you did not do when you were of his age. It is not right to do so. Every child is different. He has his own ability. The habit of comparing you can make him irritable and reduce his confidence. Such survivors become negative.

making a mistake repeatedly Your child is still at the age of learning. If everyone makes a mistake, then it is still a child. It is not bad to repeat mistakes. On doing this, the child is taking experience and these experiences will work for him. You should explain to him with love.

leave me alone When you get tired of running throughout the day and want to stay alone for some time. In such a situation, do not remove the fatigue of your day with anger on the child. If you look carefully, you will feel happy and relaxed in your child. You talk to him and ask what he did throughout the day. Gradually, he will also start to understand that you are tired. If you are under stress then your child will also feel stress.

should be ashamed This sentence called any child is the worst. Sometimes children do not listen to anyone. In such a situation, leave them alone for some time, do not say anything. Never use these words with your child. Remember, your children will do what you will learn from you.

You are just like mother/ father Many times the relationship between husband and wife is full of bitterness. Which affects the raising of the child. In some cases, parents have to separate. In this whole journey, the children of the bitterness of both of you are witnesses. If you will remove the anger of your partner on your child saying that they are exactly like their mother or your father, then the children will not respect you at all.

always bother you Sometimes inadvertently and sometimes, children do something that will not like you. In such a situation, use conscience or shout. Your repeated shouts at the children will make them habitually forced them to do so. To stop for something can be logical or explained the matter with your experience. Believe that there is a lot of strength in love.

Do not have a good child than having such a child When you are going through terrible stress, then you speak such things to the children. Which can have serious consequences. Therefore, never say anything that regrets your talk. Always keep in mind while talking to children.

Do not do evil in front of children Never do evil to anyone with your children, sometimes parents do evil to others in front of children in anger. Especially the evil of his partner or a family member, which is absolutely wrong. By doing this, the children will change the attitude of that family member or person. Do not talk about the financial condition and diseases of the house Children's mind is very soft. Listening or seeing anything bad leaves a mark on his mind and lives all his life. Therefore, do not discuss the bad conditions of the house with them. Children understand the circumstances around you, you do not need to speak.

discrimination between boys and girls Girls should speak less, boys should not cry. This thinking is old. If you still have such thinking today, then it can have a bad effect on the mental health of children. Not being able to express your feelings cannot be punished very much. Such children start searching out of the house and can take wrong decisions in their lives by getting trapped on wrong association.

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